Daily Chess Improvement: World Champion Missed Tactic!

This game was between Kramnik and Caruana at the Berlin Chess Candidates Tournament

White to move!

That was a wild game. Kramnik still had the edge after 43.b4?!, but he then erred again on the next move to throw away a big edge.

The really losing errors happened 15 moves later.

At first I got a few draws and then I found the right first move.

1.c4 Rg2
2.c5+ Kxc5
3.Rc1+ Rc2
4.Rxc2+ Nxc2
5.Kxc2 f3
6.Bd3 Kd6
7.b4 h4
8.Rb8 Rxa7
9.d8=Q+ Bxd8
10.Rxd8+ Ke5
11.Rh8 f2
12.Kd2 Rf7
13.Bf1 Rf4
14.b5 Kd4
15.Ke2 Kc5
16.Ke3 Ra4
It's a winning position for white.