Daily Chess Improvement: Very Important Endgame!

White is up a pawn. But is this enough for white to score a full point? What do you think?

White to move. How should white proceed?

  1. Kd5 Rd1+, 2. Ke6! (If 2. Ke4?? then 2...Rxd6! and Black draws!) Rf1, 3. Rd2! Re1, 4. Kf6 Rf1+, 5. Ke7 Re1, 6. e6 Re3, 7. Kf7 Rf3+, 8. Ke8 Re3, 9. e7 Kc7, 10. Rd7+! Kc8, 11. Rd4!! (starting Lucena position) Rf3, 12. Rc4+ Kb7, 13. Kd7 Rd3+, 14. Ke6 Re3+, 15. Kd6 Rd3+, 16. Ke5! Re3+, 17. Re4 and White wins!!!

David, Black defends better with 1. ...Kc7, forcing white to find somewhat harder moves.