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Daily Chess Improvement: Sharp Eye Tactic!

Black is up by a whole Rook. Black also has a dangerous passed pawn. How can white save this game?

White to move. How should white proceed?

Its a mate in 5. 1.Qd5+ Kh8

2.Rd8+ Rxd8

3.Ng6+ Qxg6(Forced)

4.Qxd8+ Qe8


if1... Kf8


  1. Qd5+!

a) 1...Kf8, 2. Qf7#
b) 1...Kh8, 2. Rd8+!!! Rxd8 (2...Qxd8, 3. Ng6#!), 3. Ng6+! Qxg6 (forced), 4. Qxd8+ Qe8, 5. Qxe8#! 1-0

Nice overworked Black Queen problem. Have to get the move order right though. The White Rook has to give check on d8 BEFORE the White Knight gives check on g6.