Daily Chess Improvement: Real Game Chess Tactic!

This was a game played by GM Meier against WC Carlsen in Germany.

White to move. How should white proceed?

I saw two possible good moves here. They are Rh5 and Rh1.


1.Rh1 Qe7
2.Rxh7+ Kxh7
3.Rh5+ Kg8
4.Be6+ Rff7
5.Bxf7+ Kxf7
6.Qf4+ Ke6
7.Re5+ Kd7
8.Rxe7+ Rxe7


1.Rh5 Qf7
2.Rxh7+ Kxh7
3.Rh1+ Kg8
4.Be6 Bc6
5.Bxf7+ Rfxf7

I feel more comfortable playing V-1 because it's simpler for me.