Daily Chess Improvement: Quickie Tactic!

White is in big trouble with material count. How can white get out of this mess?

White to move. How should white proceed?

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  1. Re8+!

a) 1...Kf7, 2. Qe6#
b) 1...Kxe8, 2. Qe6+ Kd8 (2...Kf8, Qe7#), 3. Qe7+ Kc8, 4. Qc7# 1-0



  1. Re8+ Kxe8
  2. Qe6+ Kd8
  3. Qe7+ Kc8
  4. Qc7#
  5. Re8+ Kxe8
  6. Qe6+ Kd8
  7. Qe7+ Kc8
  8. Qc7#