Daily Chess Improvement: Precision Tactic!

White is down a Bishop but the Black King is in a vulnerable position. What can white do?

White to move!

  1. Rg7+ Bxg7
  2. Qf7+ Kh8
  3. Qxg7#
  1. Rg7+!

a) 1...Bxg7, 2. Qf7+ Kh8, 3. Qxg7#
b) 1...Kh8, 2. Qxh6+ Qh7, 3. Qxh7# 1-0

Susan Polgar I saw the game between Jorge Cori and Francesco Rambaldi on the Chess24 app. It must have been a wrong diagram. Black Rook should be in the e6 square and Black Queen in the b1 square.