Daily Chess Improvement: Practical Chess Endgame!

2018 Summer Chess Classic is a 10-player round-robin tournament taking place from 15-23 May at STL Chess Club

Chess endgame is such an important part of chess. It is also one of the forgotten areas of chess improvement. We can see from this example how important chess endgame is.

This was a game between Jeffery Xiong and Vasif Durarbayli of Webster University Chess Team at the St Louis Chess Classic. Jeffery just played 57. Ne3. What should black play?

2.Nd2+ Ke3
3.Nf1+ Ke2
4.Nxg3+ Ke1
5.Nh1 d2
6.Nf2 d1=Q
7.Nxd1 Kxd1
8.Kf2 Kc2
9.Ke2 Kxb3
10.Kd2 Kb2
It's a winning position for black.

Actual game of the Summer Chess Classic Group A

Jeffery Xiong of USA (White) vs Yasif Durarbayli of Azerbaijan (Black).

Yasif Durarbayli won the nice endgame

Incorrect date is 15 - 23 March 2018. The correct date is 15 - 23 May 2018.

The typo is 57. Ne3. The correct one is 57. Nf3 (Jeffery Xiong’s actual move)