Daily Chess Improvement: Must Know Endgame!

This is one of the must-know Rook and Pawn endgame. This is called the Lucena Position.

White to move. What is the plan?

5.Kh6 Rh2+

6.Kg5 Rg2+

7.Rg5 White stops the rook

It is important to note that the hard work is done at this point- white wins with every single move except the trivial Rh3 (draws) and Rf1 (loses). Equally efficient here would be 1.Rf4 followed by 2.Re4+.

Yancey Ward 1. Re3+ (cutting Black King off) Kd7, 2. Re4! (ready for the Lucena Bridge) Rf2, 3. Kh7 Rh2+, 4. Kg6 Rg2+, 5. Kf6 Rf3+, 6. Kg5! Rg2+, 7. Rg4 and White wins