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Daily Chess Improvement: Must Know Chess Endgame!

This was an actual chess game between FM Grabinsky and GM Liang at American Continental Chess

Black just played 58...b5. Is this a chess position white can win or is it a draw?

2018 American Continental Chess - Round 6

This position from that game should be won, but white can't play what Grabinsky played which is 59.cxb5. 59.Kb4 will allow white to hold the black king off the c-file for the time to get his king up the board and in front of the pawn so that black can't harass from the 8th rank the way he could in the position that arose later in the game.

I managed to win on the third try.

1.Kb4 bxc4
2.bxc4 Re1
3.c5 Rb1+
4.Ka5 Ra1+
5.Kb6 Rb1+
6.Kc7 Ke5
7.c6 Ke6
8.Kc8 Rb3
9.Rd7 Ra3
10.Rb7 Ra1
11.c7 Rc1
12.Kb8 Kd5
13.c8=Q Rxc8+

I would also look at 1.Kb4 bc4 2.bc4 Rh5 with the intention of Rh8 and Rb8+. How does white deal with this, and how does it compare to the earlier problem?

1.Kb4 bxc4
2.bxc4 Rh5
3.c5 Rh8
4.Kb5 Rb8+
5.Ka6 Rc8
6.Kb6 Rb8+
7.Kc7 Rb4
8.c6 Rc4
9.Rd6+ Ke7
10.Rd1 Rc3
11.Re1+ Kf7
12.Rb1 Ke6
13.Kb7 Kd6
14.Rd1+ Ke6
15.c7 Rb3+
16.Kc8 Ke7
17.Rd7+ Ke8
18.Rd4 Ke7
19.Re4+ Kf6
20.Kd7 Rd3+
21.Kc6 Ra3
22.c8=Q Rc3+
23.Kd7 Rxc8

I have studied the defense of the 4 front and side distances, so it is possible to know what to do to win