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Daily Chess Improvement: King & Pawn Endgame

Endgame is a crucial but often overlooked part of chess. Every half a point matters!

White to move. Is this a win or draw? How should white proceed?

White King heads for the g file and puts himself in front of his g-pawn. 1. Kc2 Kd7, 2. Kd3 Ke6, 3. Ke4 Kf6, 4. Kf4 Kg6, 5. Kg4 Kh6, 6. Kf5! Kg7, 7. Kg5 Kf7, 8. Kh6! Kg8, 9. g4 Kh8, 10. Kg6 Kg8, 11. g5 Kh8, 12. Kf7 Kh7, 13. g6+ and White wins!

Puzzle for Alena- 7b/8/kq6/8/8/1N2R3/K2P4/8 w - - 0 1 White to move and draw.

And a second puzzle if the first one was too easy. This is one I failed to solve the first time it was posted here. 2k5/8/1PpK1p1p/8/1Pp1PP2/8/8/8 w – – 0 1 White to move and win.

Yancey, Here is the solution for the first puzzle. It wasn't easy for me. I like queens off the board.

1.Nd4 Qxd4
2.Ra3+ Kb5
3.Rb3+ Ka4
4.Ra3+ Kb5
5.Rb3+ Ka4
6.Ra3+ Kb5
It's a draw

Here is the solution for the second puzzle. I have solved it with the third try.


1.e5 fxe5
2.f5 c3
3.f6 c2
4.f7 c1=Q
5.f8=Q+ Kb7
6.Qa8+ Kxa8
7.Kc7 e4
8.b7+ Ka7
9.b8=Q+ Ka6


1.e5 fxe5
2.f5 Kb7
3.f6 c3
4.f7 Kxb6
5.f8=Q Kb5
6.Qb8+ Kc4
7.Kxc6 e4
8.Qb5+ Kb3
9.Qd5+ Kb2
10.Qxe4 c2
11.Qxc2+ Kxc2
12.b5 Kd1
13.b6 h5
14.b7 Ke2
15.b8=Q Kf3
16.Qb2 Ke4

Well done. On the first puzzle, both times it was posted, well over half the comments thought 1.Re6 was the easy solution- not easy, I suppose, seeing the knight is pinned after Qxe6. Here is the reference for the second puzzle. I never saw the mating theme in v1- total whiff on my part.