Daily Chess Improvement: King & Pawn Endgame

Endgame is a crucial but often overlooked part of chess. Every half a point matters!

White to move. Is this a win or draw? How should white proceed?

Puzzle for Alena- 7b/8/kq6/8/8/1N2R3/K2P4/8 w - - 0 1 White to move and draw.

And a second puzzle if the first one was too easy. This is one I failed to solve the first time it was posted here. 2k5/8/1PpK1p1p/8/1Pp1PP2/8/8/8 w – – 0 1 White to move and win.

Yancey, Here is the solution for the first puzzle. It wasn't easy for me. I like queens off the board.

1.Nd4 Qxd4
2.Ra3+ Kb5
3.Rb3+ Ka4
4.Ra3+ Kb5
5.Rb3+ Ka4
6.Ra3+ Kb5
It's a draw

Here is the solution for the second puzzle. I have solved it with the third try.


1.e5 fxe5
2.f5 c3
3.f6 c2
4.f7 c1=Q
5.f8=Q+ Kb7
6.Qa8+ Kxa8
7.Kc7 e4
8.b7+ Ka7
9.b8=Q+ Ka6


1.e5 fxe5
2.f5 Kb7
3.f6 c3
4.f7 Kxb6
5.f8=Q Kb5
6.Qb8+ Kc4
7.Kxc6 e4
8.Qb5+ Kb3
9.Qd5+ Kb2
10.Qxe4 c2
11.Qxc2+ Kxc2
12.b5 Kd1
13.b6 h5
14.b7 Ke2
15.b8=Q Kf3
16.Qb2 Ke4

Well done. On the first puzzle, both times it was posted, well over half the comments thought 1.Re6 was the easy solution- not easy, I suppose, seeing the knight is pinned after Qxe6. Here is the reference for the second puzzle. I never saw the mating theme in v1- total whiff on my part.