Daily Chess Improvement: Find the right continuation!

Tactic every day will keep blunders away. In this position, black just played Ka8.

White to move. How should white proceed?

Arein, it appears to me that black must play 1. ....Qe4, unless you mean for white to move first.

Yancey, there are some really pretty mates if, after

  1. Rxf7 Rxf7 2. Nxg6+ Kg7 White plays 3. Nf5+ rather than Nxe7+
  1. Rxf7 Rxf7 2. Nxg6+ Kg7 3. Nf5+ Kf6

(3. .. Rxf5 4. Nxe7+ Kf6 5. Qxf5+ Kxe7 6. Qxe5+ Kf8 7. Rxh7)

  1. Ng3!! [ an Alekhine-type move in the middle of a combination] hxg6

(4. .. Rff8 5. Qf5+ Kg7 6. Nh5+ Kh6 7. Nf6+ Kg7 8. Rxh7#)

(4. .. Kg7 5. Nh5+ Kh6 6. Nf6+ Kg7 7. Rxh7+ Kxf6 8. Qf5#)

  1. Nh5+ gxh5 6. Rf3# *

But, yeah, over the board in a game, 3. Nxe7+ is the sure thing.

Webmaster, will you PLEASE fix the problem with your routine that is setting my moves numbers back to 1???????? PLEASE!!!!

Illyrialady, You have to remove the space between the number and the period- otherwise the comment subroutine treats them as bullet points to paragraphs and returns to 1 after each.

Illyrialady, it is black to move