Daily Chess Improvement: Endgame Challenge!

This is a difficult endgame. It requires extensive calculation. Can you find right plan?

White to move. How should white proceed?

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  1. Ng1 Kd2!
  2. Nf3+ Kd3! (…. Ke3? 3. Ke1! )
  3. Ke1 Ke3
  4. Ne5 Ke4
  5. Nc4 Kd3
  6. Nd2 Ke3
  7. Nf3 Kd3
  8. Kf1 Ke3 brings the position I was talking about in my first post.


  1. Ne1 Kd2
  2. Nc2! Kd3

(10. ... Kd1 11. Nb4 Kd2 12. Nd5 Kd3 13.Nxf4+ Ke3 14. Nh5)

(10. .. Kxc2 11. Ke2)

  1. Ke1 Kxc2

(11. .. Ke4 12. Ke2)

  1. Ke2

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Ng1 Kd2 2. Nf3+ Kd3 3. Ke1 KE3 4. Nd2 Kd3 5.Nf1


After that, you take opposition.