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Daily Chess Improvement: Eagle Eye Tactic!

White is down on materials. Without finding the correct continuation, white may be in trouble.

White to move. How should white proceed?

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Or of course 1...Qg6 2.Nh6#

@PatriarchFan - 1. Qg5+! Qg6, 2. Nh6+? Bxh6! and Black wins.
White's better move is 2. Rg7+!! Bxg7 (2...Qxg7, 3. Nh6#), 3. Ne7#

  1. Qg5+!

a) 1...Kxf7, 2. Nd6# (double check and mate)
b) 1...Qg6, 2. Rg7+! Bxg7 (2...Qxg7, 3. Nh6#!), 3. Ne7#!
c) 1...Bg7, 2. Qxg7#

The real key here is to avoid the seemingly good 1.Nh6 which probably only draws for white if black is smart and captures at h6 with the bishop- 2.Rf8 is met by 2. ....Kg7 and I don't see how white continues with any move other than 3.Rf7 Kg8 giving a draw by repetition.

1.Qg5+ qg6 2.Rg7+qxg7 3.Nh6#