Daily Chess Improvement: Accurate Chess Assessment!

This was a game between Chess GMs Henriquez Villagra, Cristobal and Liang, Awonder at American Continental Chess

In chess, it is critically important to assessment positions correctly. Sometimes you may be winning but falsely think that you are losing. And sometimes, it is the opposite. You are actually losing as you are over pushing thinking that you are winning.

In this chess game, Black is temporarily up on materials. However, white has a passed pawn on c7 which is about to be promoted.

It is black to move. Which side is better and why? How should black proceed in this chess game?

Ai first I thought it was a win for white, but then

2.Rd1 Ra2+
3.Rd2 Rxd2+
4.Kxd2 Qd7+
5.Kc2 Ne7
6.Qc5 Nc6
7.Qb6 Kg6
8.Qb7 Ne7
9.Qb6 Nc8
10.Qb8 f6
11.e5 Kf5
12.exf6 gxf6
13.Qxb4 Qxc7+
14.Kd3 Qd6+
It's a winning position for black.

1...Qe7!!!, 2. c8=Q Qf6!, 3. Qc2 Qf3+, 4. Kd2 Qg2+, 5. Kd3 Ne5+! 6. Kd4 Nf3+, 7. Kd3 Ne1+! 8. Kc4 Qxc2+, 9. Kxb4 Nd3+, 10. Rxd3 Qxd3 and Black is one rook up. Black’s winning

... Qe7 49. Qb5 Nf4 50. gf4 Qh4 51. Qb4 Qh2 52. Kd3 Rd1 53. Kc4 Rc1 54. Qc3 Qe2 55. Kd4 Qf2 0-1 actual game