Challenging Puzzle

Can you find white's winning plan here?

8/kP6/P7/1p1r2p1/pP2n1K1/3B2p1/p2R1p2/2r1R1Q1 w - - 0 1

I didn't find the first 6 or so moves in this puzzle difficult to find, but it gets much more challenging after that point. I am not even sure right now that the puzzle is valid and am still working out the details and verifying them myself.

I will take a deeper look at the work after 8.....Kxb7 later when I have more time- this is actually one of the lines I am having trouble resolving thoroughly.

I have been able to reduce most the variations to similar Q vs R+P endings that I can, at least verify as won for white using Nalimov, but not all of them yet.


1.Qxg3 Nf6+
2.Kf3 fxe1=N+
3.Ke2 Nd7
4.Qe3+ Kxa6
5.Bxb5+ Rxb5
6.Rxa2 Rc2+
7.Rxc2 Nxc2
8.Qe6+ Nb6
9.Qc8 Nxc8
10.bxc8=Q+ Kb6
11.Qxc2 Rxb4
12.Qg6+ Kb5

It's a winning position for white but I need to use Nalimov tablebase to understand how to win it.

What about 9.......Nxb4 instead of 9......Nxc8. I only ask because it is the main line the composer wanted you to find.


9.Qc8 Nxb4
10.b8=N+ Ka5
11.Qa6+ Nxa6


9.Qc8 Nxb4
10.b8=N+ Ka7
11.Qc7+ Ka8
12.Nc6 Nxc6
13.Qxc6+ Ka7
14.Qxb5 g4
15.Kf1 g3
16.Kg2 Kb7
It's a winning position for white.