Can You Find The Mate in 4

This one puzzled me for a while- I found the line quickly, but it took me a while to understand why it was the shortest.

1br3r1/1Bp5/1pN1pB2/1P1RPPp1/2PPk1P1/K3Pp2/2b2P2/4N3 w - - 0 1

I was solving this puzzle during one hour and I managed to get mate in 6. After that I decided to look at the position again. Suddenly I saw that I had forgotten to put the white rook on d5. As soon as I put it in place I solved this puzzle. Actually it was very easy.


1.Rc5! Bb1
2.Na5+ c6
3.Nb3 Rh8


1.Rc5 Ba7
2.Nb4+ c6
3.Na2 Rh8

Rc5 is a key move because it protects the king from check.

Addition to Alena’s analysis below:

  1. Rc5!! bxc5, 2. Nxb8+! (discovered check) c6, 3. Na6 cxd4, 4. Nc5#