Brain Challenge by Chessdom

Our friends at @chessdom have issued a brain challenge to all. Find mate in 10 moves!

White to move!

I have found only mate in 11.

  1. Bxg7 f6
  2. Bxf6 Kxf6
  3. Rc2 Rxb6
  4. Rh6+ Kg5
  5. Rxb6 Nf4
  6. g3 Nd5+
  7. exd5 Kg4
  8. Rg6+ Kh3
  9. Rc1 Kh2
  10. Ke4 Kh3
  11. Rh1#

Alena, I can't say for certain that 1.Bxg7 is the right first move, but I think you should take the knight with the second move for white.

Yes, if 1.Bxg7 is the right first move, I think after 1. ...f6, white takes at h3 leads to mate in 10 or less. My problem right now is if black doesn't play 1. ...f6- there are a lot of variations and I simply can't discount them all.

I think the critical line, if 1.Bxg7 is correct, is 1.Bg7 Nf4!- this is the line I can't quite clarify - do you take at e5 or do you retreat the rook to h6? Right now, I think 2.Rh6 is the way forward- I can see mate in 10 in that line, but I can't be sure I am picking the right moves for black without doing a hell of a lot work closing the variations out.

A tough problem with many variations. I can safely say 1.Bg7 Nf4 2.Re5 is mate in no less than 12 moves total- and maybe more- still not sure I found all of black's best moves. Will look at 2.Rh6 in the morning.