A Tricky Problem

This is a tricky problem that requires a fairly deep analysis to prove out. Does white win or draw this position?

Bent 1994

5n2/4p3/Q7/1K1k4/4NP2/8/2P1p2q/8 w – – 0 1

It's not a tactic but I would like to see the most accurate move available here.............most of the moves are losing

Arein, well, there are "good" moves and there are moves that are better moves than you might make. In the position you gave, I would simply play 41. ...Rb3. I think white probably does best with 42.Rf6 Rc3 43.Rd6 and I think white is a pawn to the good in a rook ending. Is it decisive for white? Hard to say- there is an old chess joke that all rook and pawn endings are draws with best play, and it does sometimes seem that way over the board.

According to Stockfish 8, I was winning but just that single move.

Sir,what do you evaluate the position as?

Arein, then Stockfish 8 is seeing something I am obviously overlooking. Even if you don't play Bxd4, I just don't see black has here better than Rb3 attacking the knight. As far as I can tell, white will win the isolated black pawn and be playing a pawn up in a rook ending. Can you give the line Stockfish 8 evaluated as black winning otherwise?