A Sam Loyd Classic

How quickly can you find the shortest mate in this position?

Q7/5p2/5P1p/5PPN/6Pk/4N1Rp/7P/6K1 w - - 0 1

(Sorry: meant If ... Kxg5) Took five minutes.

Oops. Sorry again. This works:

  1. Qh8 hxg5
  2. Ng7#


1… Kxg5

  1. Qg7 Kh4
  2. Qg4#

Formatting goes all strange here. The variant should be:

If 1... Kxg5 2. Qg7 Kh4 3. Qg4#

(Took fifteen minutes.)

(Would be helpful if we could press "Enter" and get a line break; then click on a button to actually post -- and if the formatting didn't change when you clicked on it.)

dsymedia, Agree about the line breaks- annoys me, too. When numbering, however, you also need to delete the space after the period and before the move notation- it treats those as bullet points for paragraphs and restarts the numbering after each.