A Future World Champion At Work

This is a position that I found in my notes. I only know that it was a game in which Kasparov was white, and it was played years before he was a world champion. I have been unable to track down who black was, or where the game was played. How should white proceed?

r4r1k/pbnq1ppp/np3b2/3p1N2/5B2/2N3PB/PP3P1P/R2QR1K1 w - - 0 1

If it were me who played the game I would play Ne4. In my opinion it's the strongest move in this position. There are a lot of varitions after it. I'll consider a few.


1.Ne4 Bxb2
2.Rb1 Ba3
3.Ng5 Qc6
4.Nd4 Qc3
5.Re3 Qa5
6.Qd3 g6
7.Qxa3 Qxa3


1.Ne4 d4
2.Nxf6 gxf6
3.Qg4 Rg8
4.Qh4 Qc6
5.f3 Ne8
6.Bg4 Rd8
7.Rac1 Nc5


1.Ne4 Rae8
2.Nxf6 Rxe1+
3.Qxe1 gxf6
4.Rc1 Re8
5.Qc3 d4
6.Qxd4 Qxd4
7.Nxd4 Nd5
8.Bh6 Nab4
9.Nf5 Nxa2

White has little advantage but I think it's enough for a strong player.

The game was Kasparov v Marjanovic, 1980. Alena found Kasparov’s next move, which Marjanovic answered with bxb2. But Kasparov ignored the attack on his rook. I’ll not pos

Whoops. Wrong key. I was about to say that I’ll not post Kasparov’s continuation, except to say that Marjanovic resigned 5 moves later.

Eggman61, yes that was the game. My notes were from 2010, and all I had was the FEN and my own, somewhat scanty analysis I had done at that time. I thought maybe the position was one Susan had posted as a puzzle, but I found nothing that corresponded to the date of the file. The only other thing I had noted was Kasparov was a teenager at the time.