A First Prize Winning Ending Study From 2017

How quickly can you work out white's winning plan here? This is a good one.

8/5p2/8/4K1P1/5p2/7P/4R1p1/1k4r1 w - - 0 1

Yes, you are right Yancey. I solved the easiest variation of this puzzle.

Yes it is,But if black blunders a move then the game is over.Ke4 is the correct one


1.Ke4! Kc1
2.Kf3 Rh1
3.Kxg2 f3+
4.Kxf3 Kd1
5.Rf2 Rxh3+
6.Ke4 Rh7
7.Ke5 Ke1
8.Rf5 Ke2
9.Kf6 Kd3
10.Rb5 Ke4
11.Rb7 Rh1
12.Rxf7 Rf1+
13.Kg7 Rg1
14.g6 Ke5
15.Rb7 Ke6
16.Rb6+ Ke7
17.Kg8 Rh1
18.g7 Rh2
19.Rb4 Rh1
20.Rf4 Rg1
21.Kh7 Rh1+
22.Kg6 Rg1+
23.Kh6 Ke6
24.Kh7 Rh1+
25.Kg8 Ke5
26.Kf8 Kxf4
It's a win for white.


1.Ke4 f3
2.Kxf3 Rd1
3.Kxg2 Rd8
4.Kg3 Rd3+
5.Kg4 Rc3
6.Rf2 Rc4+
7.Kh5 Rc7
8.h4 Kc1
9.Kh6 Kb1
10.Kg7 f5+
11.Kg6 Rc6+
12.Kh5 f4
13.Rxf4 Rc5
14.Kg4 Rc1
15.g6 Rh1
16.h5 Kc2
17.Rf3 Rg1+
18.Kf5 Ra1
19.g7 Ra8
20.Kg6 Kc1
21.Rf8 Ra6+
22.Kh7 Ra7
23.Kh8 Ra5
24.g8=Q Rxh5+
25.Kg7 Rg5+
26.Kf6 Rxg8
It's a win for white.


1.Ke4 f5+
2.Kf3 Rf1+
3.Kxg2 Rd1
4.Kf3 Rh1
5.Rg2 Rf1+
6.Ke2 Rh1
7.g6 Kc2
8.g7 Rxh3
9.Rg1 Re3+
10.Kf2 Re8
11.g8=Q Rxg8
12.Rxg8 Kc3
13.Kf3 Kb2
14.Kxf4 Kc3
It's a win for white.

It took me one hour to solve these variations.

Ok, Alena, this is much better. Now focus on V-2 in this critical line- 1.Ke4 Kc1! 2.Kf3 Rh1 3.Kg2! f3 4.Kf3. You now need to consider one more option for black here at move 4 that isn't a transposition of any other line you discussed.

1.Ke4 Kc1!
2.Kf3 Rh1
3.Kxg2 f3+
4.Kxf3 Rxh3+
5.Kg4 Kd1
6.Re6 Rh2
7.Rf6 Rg2+
8.Kf5 Rf2+
9.Ke5 Rg2
10.Rf5 Ke2
11.Kf6 Ke3
12.Kxf7 Rb2
13.g6 Ke4
14.Rh5 Rb7+
15.Kg8 Rb2
16.g7 Rb8+
17.Kh7 Rb7
18.Kh8 Rb8+
It's a win for white.The sixth move is hard to find.