A Christmas Eve Classic Brainteaser

White to move. Find the shortest mate. 8/5N2/2k5/4p3/1B6/K2Q4/8/8 w - - 0 1

I gave Alena this puzzle several months ago. In my mind, it is one of the all time classic short mate compositions. I solved it by basically eliminating every other possible move. Once I saw the solution, I couldn't believe I hadn't found it earlier. This puzzle is that amazing.

  1. Qh7! (mate in three)

a) 1...Kb5, 2. Nd6+ Ka6/c6, 3. Qb7#
b) 1...Kd5, 2. Nd6! Kd4, 3. Qe4#
c) 1...d5, 2. Nd6! Kd5, 3. Qxe4#

Yancey, and where is Christmas puzzle for me? :)

Merry Christmas!!!!!!