CascadeForum.com aims to help bridge the political divide in Washington — left and right, east and west — by bringing the residents of the state together in one public square to advocate, debate, cajole and better understand the issues and each other.

Regular and guest columnists on both sides of the aisle write pithy thoughts about a wide variety of public policy issues, but the real energy here comes from you.

Through the innovative platform we use — Seattle-based digital media company, Maven Inc. — you can post comments, videos and links to stories as seamlessly as if you were an editor. We want the people of Washington State to drive this conversation. All we ask is that common sense and civility prevail.

Polarization in the state, like the nation, has grown. The public square has been replaced by cloistered factions. We want to help fill the void in the political dialogue by focusing on facts, policy, reasoned opinion and civil debate.

The founder of the Cascade Forum is Greg Witter, a long-time resident of the state whose own path has crossed the divides both geographically (Spokane, Pullman, Kennewick and Seattle) and politically — he is a former U.S. House and Senate press secretary and legislative aide who has remained politically active in a variety of ways over the years. He is a retired Alaska Airlines managing director and former award-winning business writer and sports reporter. He also is the co-founder of one of the state’s longest-running digital media companies, the college sports site Cougfan.com.

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