Bessie's Best: Lactation Cookies

Who doesn’t like talking about delicious treats?

Who doesn’t like talking about delicious treats? Jennifer (founder of [**Bessie’s Best: Lactation…

Let’s face it, not all of us nursing mamas have been blessed with a huge milk supply so some of us need help boosting our milk supply. Jennifer knows all about this, because she herself struggled and had supply issues. That is where her lactation cookies took control of that issue and for her was a Godsend for her breastfeeding experience. Her goal isn’t to get rich off of selling these cookies she has a passion for breastfeeding just like I do and just wants to share her cookies with mama’s who need a little help with milk supply. Since she herself faced that very struggle with maybe not getting as much milk in as she would have liked she understands the frustration and just wants to help! The cookies go for $10 a dozen and a flat rate shipping price of $13.95 for up to 12 dozen. You definitely will get more for your money if you order a few dozen at a time as it will be the same price for shipping for one dozen up to twelve.