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How Formula Marketing is Sabotaging Breastfeeding...

Let me start this off by saying this isn't one of those, 'Formula is poison” articles. This argument isn't even about…

Formula marketing and a parent choosing formula are two different things. Please stop twisting us speaking out against formula marketing tactics as us being against formula all together. Formula makers are a BUSINESS, they don't hand out the free samples and checks to be nice, they don't make the commercials and ads just for fun, they do whatever they can to get their formula sold and now that breastfeeding is becoming almost normal AGAIN they are getting desperate and making formulas now that target breastfeeding mamas by changing a few words on the can to entice breastfeeding mamas to CHOOSE their brand. Are we against the mamas who so choose to formula feed? NO!!! I created Breastfeeding Mama Talk and I formula fed! Being a hardcore breastfeeding site we have the right and the duty to bring awareness & speak out against these manipulative formula tactics. Over the last few days we have been showing a few examples as to what we mean by their tactics such as- Excluding breastfeeding off forms when they ask about the way the baby gets fed, formula samples being sent to homes that never even signed up, Hospitals giving mothers formula samples even after they explicitly state they will be breastfeeding, Changing some words on the can to target breastfeeding mothers to buy their formula, I even tried calling into the "Lactation service" they offer for free and pretended I was having trouble with supply so asked what I should do. Can you guess what their response was? To supplement with formula after each feeding. That is not accurate or legit advice.
The manipulative formula MARKETING needs to stop and that is part of our fight to normalize breastfeeding. So please stop confusing the two. We're not saying that formula in itself is bad just the formula marketing.

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