Sso your telling me a girl can shoot some one in the head and get a 2.5k bond but i catch a domestic violence case and i get a 100k bond even tho it was a mistomiener FUCK THE POLICE AND EVERY OTHER GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL FUCK EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU !!

Lol you batter your significant other and you get mad at the whole system? Oh, it’s a misdemeanor so you’ve shown your ignorance in more ways than one. You sound like an immature punk. You can’t spell, can’t take responsibility for your own actions, and place blame on everyone else, can’t articulate your point without the use of profanity.....grow up, little boy.


So Josh, are you mad at the police or becoming your cellmates cupcake?


Wanna bet Josh talked his way into the high bond?


First, Judges set bond, not the police. So don't hate them because you so miserably failed to impress the judge in any manner so that he fears you'll go out and beat the crap out of your helpless victims again if he lets you out. To get 100 grand bond one or several things happened: You really beat the crap out of your victims, you've done it before several times, or you continuously threaten to do it again, or you failed to show up in court in the past, or you stupidly threatened the police or the judge, or in all you dealings with the system. Or you continuously prove how stupid you are, such as going on a public website saying "f*" the police and everyone else, and that you aren't even smart enough to know how to use spell check. Just to help you out a little "mistomiener" is actually spelled "misdemeanor". Oh yeah, don't wear your dirty wife beater t-shirt to court. Spend the big bucks and buy or borrow a nice suit, white shirt (with a collar) and a tie. "Josh", please tell me you were at least smart enough not the use your real name on this post. I bet your public defender isn't going to be happy when the prosecutor shows your post to enter into the record about your lack of ability to change and quit blaming others for your own mistakes/ bad acts.

guess Josh is too mad to reply he needs to be watched very closely