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Absolutely a great article spot on.

The categorization of people should be cited often and everywhere until it sinks into people's psyche. Good people, bad people, etc. is spot on! Loved this article!

"Contrary to popular thought held by some minorities, leftists and the MSM; the vast majority of cops are not prejudiced, racist, or anti-anybody." hahahahahahahahaha. You didn't say you were a professor of comedy! hahahaha. Sorry I can't stop. Have you ever been to Chicago? Was Jon Burge racist? Oh yeah, what type was Laquan McDonald... I mean, other than the type who gets shot in the back by a cop

Tell that to the people who are constantly targeted based on where they live or the color of their skin!

Whether or not the public likes it, the police have to work everywhere. If you live in a high crime area, you will see and deal with the police more frequently. THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN DOES NOT MATTER. If you are committing crimes, live in a drug and crime, infested area, or drive a car that is a not road-ready, whether you are white, black, or purple, prepare for encounters with the cops.