This cop has anger issues and is probably the main cause of his daughter's discipline problems. Not only did he slap her and beat her with a belt but the article says he punched her in the face. The officer should lose his job, he has no self control.

See.... this is what happens when your kids are taught that disapline is abuse ....
see they think " they can't touch me cause I'll call the cop " . My daughter tried that once .... told her to tell them to bring an ambulance cause she was gonna need it , handed her the phone , she didn't call FYI . She was a liar , and a thief . Total bs . I agree with above comments . He probably told her if she was disrespectful anymore she was gonna get it . And he kept his word ! I've been there's done that bs . I say good for you Dad ! And if I got arrested bet your ass I would tell her that the same thing will happen I will gladly do the time . NEVER back down ! Knew a girl who was afraid of her kid callin the cops ... he exploited her ! He is now 22 and a meth addic . A pos .... js

I am as conservative as it gets and I say that guy is a real jerk. I have a 15, soon to be 16 year old daughter who I have never had to abuse to get my point across. I hope that POS is proud of roughing his daughter up in public. That was truly disgraceful and it is obvious this guy is way to aggressive to be a LEO. He needs HIS ass beat!

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