Women shouldn’t be allowed to be street cops. I’m sorry but they can’t handle men. I’ve seen it too many times. They’re just not strong enough or fast enough.

Ok this was just a dumb comment to put online

It has nothing to do with sex. i've seen some male and female officers that couldn't fight there way out of a paper bag. but i've also seen some that could take out people twice their size. it's all about the person. If i had to pick an issue, in my state the physical requirements are different between the sexes to get into the Academy, i don't think that is right.. should be the same across the board.

I’ve personally known female officers that would whoop your ass dude lol.


I did 30 years in Chicago and we do just fine! What a goof statement In this day and age. My weapons level the playing field!


My wife was a cop for 22 years, working in the jail, patrol and courts. Make no mistake, she is more likely to shoot you than I would be. She's not afraid to go hands on and has done so many times.