Women shouldn’t be allowed to be street cops. I’m sorry but they can’t handle men. I’ve seen it too many times. They’re just not strong enough or fast enough.

Women are inferior than men? The majority of all the men I have ever known are idiots who rely on women to get them through things. There isn't a man around who doesn't in one way or another have a woman they desperately need. I would like to see one man deliver a baby without drugs after being in labor for 2 days. You couldn't do it. Men are the biggest babies when it comes to pain. You would feel so much better of you just admitted it - women are tough, much tougher than you think, and much tougher than you will ever be. Inferior? No - superior in every way. Fool.


My mom was 5'2" and weighed 130 lbs. I saw her take down a football player over 6 feet tall in a parking lot incident and I've seen her climb fences and walls better than most men in BLET. She held her cool on multiple occasions even though she was the first female deputy for her county and the only female deputy for a few years. It irritates the crap out of me when I see or hear men talking about "women shouldn't be cops" because she also worked undercover in one of the nastiest counties for heroin and other drugs in NC. She could tell you stories that would make you cringe.

I know some women are better at it than others, but they let tiny little short men in, so what's the argument about size anyway? I'm 115 pounds most days, and I've seen male cops I could pick up and throw.

"Women shouldn’t be allowed to be street cops. I’m sorry but they can’t handle men. I’ve seen it too many times. They’re just not strong enough or fast enough."

Lame. I was an MP for 3 years in Germany and met height, weight, and the same physical requirements as the men. Women were just starting out in the Army MPs back then ...

For one thing, I out-shot every male MP at the range, consistently, on every weapon. In fact, they assigned me every weapon available. I never backed down on anything ... male or female, that's the quickest path to failure in any law enforcement role.

Just a single example ... there was a huge drunken soldier downtown. The guy was about a foot taller and broad as a linebacker. They sent me to the call with my very passive male partner. Nobody else really enjoyed working with him, a real peace-nick, but he was okay with me.

Anyhow, I talked to the guy, explained why we had to cuff him to transport him back to the barracks. With me, he was totally cooperative and I was the one who did the cuffing and getting him into the back of the jeep. Every other guy on the shift ... they were all super impressed.

We had to take down people in bar fights, drunks at the annual bier fests, and just rowdies all around town and on the Army Posts where I was stationed. No male or female MP, soldier, or civilian ever got hurt around me. I really resent this comment from a fellow veteran. I don't know if you were ever a law enforcement officer anywhere, but I've seen good and bad on both sides of the gender equation.

It's law enforcement and there are physical and intellectual tests before you wear a badge. I passed the same coursework and excelled in many areas. I'm not trying to brag about me, I've seen other women who were much better. Reading through these comments, there are a lot of women with far more experience than I had.

Even if you have encountered a specific person who failed in their job as a cop or worked in the field with a series of substandard female officers, it's an unfair generalization. I could go on and on with specific examples of good and bad during my Army enlistment. I've worked a lot of security jobs through college and ended up in the Air Force ... SIGINT as opposed to Security Police (Force Protection now) But this reminds me of a Chief Master Sergeant (LGM/Maintenance) and some comments during a squadron bus ride to see a football game down in Kanas City. He was half in the bag, and got louder and louder about women not being on the aircrews. Eventually, I calmly walked up and poured a soda pop over his head. Not only did everyone applaud, but several maintenance guys came up to my offices to thank me for confronting him.

Wish I had the chance to do that on your comment without messing up my laptop, ha ha ha.


Ok this was just a dumb comment to put online

It has nothing to do with sex. i've seen some male and female officers that couldn't fight there way out of a paper bag. but i've also seen some that could take out people twice their size. it's all about the person. If i had to pick an issue, in my state the physical requirements are different between the sexes to get into the Academy, i don't think that is right.. should be the same across the board.

I’ve personally known female officers that would whoop your ass dude lol.


I did 30 years in Chicago and we do just fine! What a goof statement In this day and age. My weapons level the playing field!


My wife was a cop for 22 years, working in the jail, patrol and courts. Make no mistake, she is more likely to shoot you than I would be. She's not afraid to go hands on and has done so many times.