Woman Rams Car Into Broward Co. Sheriff's Office, Bursts Into Flames

A woman drove her car through the side of a Broward County police substation and set herself on fire on Monday.

Broward County, FL – A woman drove a car filled with accelerants into the Broward County Sheriff’s Office’s District One substation in Pembroke Park on Monday morning.

A red Toyota Camry crashed through the windows of the sheriff’s substation, and drove right in, WPLG reported.

WTVJ’s news helicopter captured footage of firefighters breaking through that wall of windows to where the car was stopped and appeared to be smoking.

Broward County police officials said a fire erupted inside the vehicle after the woman crashed into the station.

Ben Mendez saw the woman crash her car into the police station, and then set herself on fire.

"I'm assuming she lit herself on fire," Mendez told WPLG.

"It was a big explosion, like dynamite," he told WTVJ. "She was totally engulfed in flames."

He said he pulled the flaming woman out of her car, and tore off her burning dress.

"That's when I threw her on the ground. I go 'roll, roll on the ground!' She wasn't listening to me," Mendez said.

The woman was transported to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood as a “trauma alert.” She suffered third-degree burns in the crash, police said.

The fire alarm went off in the police station and the building was evacuated following the crash, WPLG reported.

Police are investigating what the woman’s motives were. They had not yet released the identity of the driver.

Both of your arguments are valid. Generally though, people who light themselves on fire in courthouses or police stations feel they where screwed by a corrupt legal system. It happens more often than your aware of. You really have to wonder how much pain and /or wrong doing has to happen for a person to deliberately light themselves on fire to make a point or shed light on something. If you haven’t figured out laws can be corrupt and people can’t get screwed over for profit, you haven’t been divorced yet. This is most common with family courts.


The thing I like best about this site is that the less than average intelligence poster will not leave a reply tab. Afraid? Maybe, but most cops are too stupid to be afraid when they're sure they're unaccountable.

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You couldn't be more right. It's rampant and in most every town and country in this country. In my town the cops are in collusion with the DA and court systems and once you are in their clutches they will do everything possible to keep you in the system, so they can make as much money off of you in fines and fees as they can. My state has very little going for it revenue wise. Most of the revenue this state sees is in the form of court fines and fees. So they make sure the coffers stay full even if they have to break the law to do it. I've seen so many abuses by our local law enforcement it's unreal. There's absoutely nothing we can do about it either as they all protect each other.

"Police don't know her motivation". This isn't the Mystery of Faith. She was emotionally distraught and this was Broward County. It's really not hard to connect these dots.