Windsor (VT) To Pay for Exonerated Police Officer’s $62,000 Legal Fees Stemming From An Officer Involved Shooting

WINDSOR, VT - Former Windsor officer Ryan Palmer was acquitted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and reckless endangerment charges after an officer involved shooting that took place in 2014 during an undercover drug operation. The police sting reportedly took place in the parking lot of the Ferguson's Auto in Windsor, Vermont.

During the police operation a criminal by the name of Jorge Burgos attempted to flee police while in a vehicle and was shot by Palmer who said he feared for his life.

After a four day trial in September 2017, Ryan Palmer was acquitted of all criminal charges.

Palmer received a show of support by Selectboard Chairman Rich Thomas who was reported as saying, “It comes down to backing up an employee,” Thomas said on Wednesday. “We have asked the police department to do a job. He was doing that job. It doesn’t feel like he should be abandoned at the end.”

Thomas said the taxpayers will foot the $62,000 bill, not Palmer's police union or the city's insurance company.

Selectboard Vice Chairman Jeffrey White shared Chairman Rich Thomas' sentiments saying, “In our view, he was acting in the best interest of the town and to leave him dangling out there like that, it didn’t sit well with anybody,” White said. “No one wants to cough up $62,000 ... but I feel it was the right thing to do.”