Why is there no article about the Waffle House Hero, James Shaw Jr on this website? He was African-American without a gun and he disarmed the shooter. Could it be because he is Black and did not have a gun?? All I know is that if the cops had arrived sooner and saw Shaw with the gun, Shaw would have been shot by the cops. I know there are many White people who agree with me on this.

Actually I have been retired for 12 years now, so I have lots of time to watch the news. And I don't like what I see. As for myself, I taught at the elementary level and never had any desire to "diddle" any little boys or girls. You are very far off the mark if you think teachers are arrested everyday for sexual abuse with their students. Do you have a guilty conscience, by any chance so you feel the need to lash out at teachers? Teachers are probably the most conservative-living and enjoy the highest respect as a profession. You're barking up the wrong tree.

Senior Citizen I'll bet at least 90% of your newswatching in on CNN, the Chicken Noodle News Network, who has to schmooze and massage the news (distort) to further the agenda of George Soros and the others trying to tear our country apart. So by your own admission you have had limited exposure to law enforcement and law enforcement officers, yet you condemn them with every breath. So you are basing your attitude upon the heresy of the news media who seldom reports anything accurately and frequently distorts their reports. Until you have seen firsthand some of the issues and problem calls that law enforcement professionals face repeatedly around the country, you are unqualified to spew your hatred for cops. Please crawl back into a book where you feel safe.

I get my news through CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, BBC, CNN, NY Times, etc, etc. I feel badly for this country that people like you can't trust the news media. You say "news media who seldom reports anything accurately and frequently distorts their reports." A free press and free public education are 2 of the basic tenets of a free democratic society. Yes, I trust the news that I see and read. By refusing to accept and believe the facts as reported by the main news outlets, you are removing yourself from reality. Where do you get your news from - Trump Tweets?, Rush? InfoWArs? Breibart? You are entitled to your own OPINIONS, but you are NOT entitled to your own FACTS!

Because this is the Blue Lives Matter site. You might want to check the Waffle House Heroes' Lives Matter or Blacks Who Didn't Have A Gun Lives Matter websites.

I don't think any1 was filming the attack like "Hey looky,I'm filming you murdering people". Only Cops get filmed good or bad. They know film away no1 is going to shoot You, Not the Cop, Bad Guy might. People don't normally film active shooter in a small building. I saw his interview after the fact. He is a Hero and he even said he had no choice, he was next MAD PROPS. Pure adrenaline holding onto that steaming hot barrel