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Well Senior Citizen I have no idea where you live, but where I live the cops do take care of their "problem Children." The unsavory ones are weeded-out. Sometimes it takes a while for their true colors to come out, but sooner or later, they do get the axe.

Like my old man would say. There is good and bad in everything. There good cops and there are asshole cops and cops who shouldnt be cops. And im a retired cop. 36k cops in nypd. We had our fair sharenof idiots. But vast majority do their job best they are allowed to do.


You are 100% correct. Brother you have been there and speak from experience as well. I maintain that for instance if X% of the population are thieves, X% are murderers, X% are pedophiles, you name it, gay, crossdressers, wife beaters, bullies etc. it is across the whole spectrum of people including cops, lawyers, doctors, judges, truckers, politicians etc....Those small numbers make headlines and make it harder for the honest guys who do their best every day to do their job.


Why are you including gays with pedophiles, wife beaters, bullies, etc. Do you consider gay people some kind of low life? But my point is that when cops make a mistake, people die. And more often than not, the Blues don't even consider it a mistake. "They're just doin their job the best they can."

And, more often than not, a jury of the VICTOM'S peers ALSO do not consider it a mistake. Yet there are those.... we won't mention names here.... who would MUCH rather take the word of a left leaning media over ALL the facts and the decision provided by our court system. I really have a problem with those who try and convict cops based upon " irrefutable evidence" AKA, Left Wing Media Broadcasts.
When you judge a person via broadcast news, you are simply parading your ignorance. Think about it.


What exactly is "Left Wing Media Broadcasts?" Is it CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, CNN, etc plus the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, BOston Globe, etc? So where do you get your Fact-Based news - Is it Fox and Friends, Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart, etc. I'll stick with the truth from multitudes of reliable sources, Thank you.

Same here Bearsmommy!