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Well,, let's see; Murder suspect, replica gun in hand, refuses to follow officers' directives, raises gun, gets shot several times by officers in fear of their lives. Ummm, sounds like a good shoot to me and one dead SCUMBAG. Bury your criminal kid Momma and teach the others to Golden Rule.

Someone points a gun or bb gun or fake gun its dead bang.
No one is going wait to go oh its fake. No time for that.


Is that the excuse you were trained to regurgitate like the Baltimore Gun Task Force?

Regurgitate... u might hurt yourself using such big words PeterB. There will be a time in your life you will need the help of a police officer so remember all the ignorant comments you’ve made and also remember when you’re running away from shots fired in your neighborhood like a little bitch we run towards them to protect you and your family... remember that!
Oh and by the way “you’re welcome “