WATCH: Hero Describes Working With Armed Citizen To Run Down Texas Church Shooter

Johnnie Langendorff describes the moment he came across a gunfight between the armed citizen and the Texas church shooter.

Sutherland Springs, Texas - Authorities announced at a press conference on Sunday that the Texas church shooter was not taken down by law enforcement, as originally reported, but that he was was instead stopped by an armed citizen.

That armed citizen then enlisted Johnnie Langendorff to help him run down the killer. Langendorff described the encounter to KSAT.

At the press conference, authorities said that the shooter, now identified as Devin Patrick Kelley, parked his car across the street from First Baptist Church.

The shooter then approached the church and used a rifle to open fire on the church from the outside. The shooter then went in the church and continued shooting his victims.

A community member saw the shooting, grabbed his rifle, and engaged Kelley in a gunfight. During the gunfight, Kelley dropped his weapon and was forced to flee from the community hero.

Johnnie Langendorff was driving nearby when he saw the gunfight. As he saw Kelley flee, the armed hero flagged Langendorff down and told him that they needed to pursue the killer.

Langendorff drove the armed hero down the highway, driving 95 MPH and going around other cars to catch up to the killer.

Kelley crashed off of the road and was found dead in his vehicle.

It has not been confirmed if Kelley died from the citizen's bullets or if he killed himself while fleeing.

Kelley was dead before law enforcement arrived.

Twenty-six people have been confirmed to have been murdered by Kelley in the shooting, which occurred at around 11:30 am Sunday, with twenty more injured. They range in age from 5-72 years old.

The First Baptist Church records their services, and it's likely that the shooting was captured on video.

You can see the interview with Langendorff below.

stormtrooper..of course the police would never recommend you chase down an armed killer...but the police weren't there were they???

Definitely not a good situation. Yes, others could have been killed either when the shooting was going on AND in the car chase. But, thankfully, they weren't and I believe what happened today is a good reason to carry. Think how many more could have died!

People Die when the Police Take down an Armed Shooter..They are not the only Americans that know how to use their weapons. Quit being such candy Arsetts. The Man is a Hero and no one died except the Mass Murderer. Sorry, but you can't Carry a Police Officer in your back Pocket everywhere you go! Every Second count's, Those Peeps didn't have Minutes and he did what he had to do to stop him from another Killing Rampage! There are no gun free zones in these United States of America, This is an Unalienable right Given to us by Our God, not our Government. If one person had their CC inside that Church there wouldn't have been the Carnage there was!!! Even the Police need good Law Abiding Citizen's to have their 6 in times of trouble and Lawlessness!


Honesty4you...well said. This was in a very rural area of Texax. This was not downtown LA or New York where police are all over the place. I am sure all available cops were at the church scene and any others were a long way away. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

I do not agree with the whole police police, they will handle it. When good citizens do not act, they are neglectful. That is what is wrong in America. Nobody gets involved. IGY6. We have millions of highly trained civilians, Military combat veterans in many cases have more skill and knowledge than law enforcement officers when it comes to a firefight. There is a time and a place. Know the difference and act when necessary. Even President Trump acknowledged the citizens who stopped him. Had they not stepped in, he could have driven a few miles away and done it again. Armchair quarterbacks are often the ones who can't run the ball but criticize how the professionals do it. If you don't have the courage and skills to do the right thing, at least just shut up. This civilian shooter who stepped in, saved lives. I stand shoulder to shoulder with all LEOs. IGY6

Speaking as a retired Lawman of 27 years... Outstanding job Citizens! Don't wait for us.. protect yourselves.. Lawmen will investigate and clean up when we get there. Thank you for your courage.

The citizen stood up to the shooter. If there were more armed citizens willing to do that, our world would be a safer place to be. Both these men are heroes for doing what they did. They couldn't stop the carnage in the church, but they stopped any further shootings from happening. The courage of both of these men should be praised and both of them should be proud of what they did. I for one would do the same if I witnessed such an act and I would hope that others would do the same. We have to stand up for the helpless and this is what these two men did.

In most cases you would not want citizens chasing a suspect at 95 mph engaging in gun fights. But in this case you have a mass murderer who is on a rampage. YES you absolutely do everything in your power to end that threat.

God only knows how many people these two guys saved by their heroic actions.

Well it only took minutes to murder all these children and families! They were on a mission to stop him I'm sure police didn't even know what the shooter was driving if it weren't for these 2 brave men that chased and stopped him!