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Wannabe Cop-Killer Ronnie Wilson Captured, Injured, After 2 Day Search

Ronnie Wilson was captured after shooting a Knoxville police officer Thursday night.

Maryville, TN - Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong announced the capture of Ronnie Wilson, who was wanted for shooting a Knoxville police officer on Thursday.

The Sheriff says that he was found shortly after 3 a.m. Saturday at an abandoned residence on Calderwood Highway in south Blount County with Kristin Denise King.

Photos show the area around Wilson's groin covered in blood, and the sheriff confirmed that Wilson was injured while jumping out of a window and is receiving treatment at a local hospital for injuries.

King was not injured.

Blount County Fire Department also responded to extinguish a fire that started in the residence.

The manhunt started Thursday night after Wilson was stopped by Knoxville Police Officer David Williams for speeding. While still sitting in his vehicle, Wilson opened fire on Officer Williams with a shotgun.

He then got out of the vehicle and continued to fire at Officer Williams, hitting him in the shoulder.

After the gunfight, Wilson fled, prompting a manhunt which lasted until his capture on Saturday.

Officer Williams suffered non-life threatening injuries.

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