VIRAL VIDEO: Security Guard Strolls In, Casually Shoots Robbers

A security guard casually shot two robbers at a convenience store labeled as Hamilton, NJ 7-11.

Video is going viral which shows a security guard shooting two robbers at a convenience store (video below.)

The video was posted online with the description, "Hamilton NJ 7-11 near Ham West HS." We're still working on verifying the details of the incident.

The video shows two men entered the store and pulled a gun on the clerk. The robbers then jumped over the counter to collect the cash.

Then a security guard casually strolls in and shoots the robbers.

"It's fake! It's fake," one of the robbers shouted.

The security guard responded, "Oh well, mine's real. Get up, put your hands behind your back."

One of the robbers then asked, "Am I shot?"

"Oh f**k yeah," the security guard responded.

We'll keep you updated as more details about this incident are released.

You can see the video of the incident below:

The guard responded better than cops, because he didn't empty his gun.


Love it! That security guard wasn’t playing. “You messing with the wrong guy” he showed no remorse for a couple of punk Scumbags. Treated them like they should have been treated, like the piece of crap they were! Good job!

Is that a revolver? How quaint!

Funny how a guy with the screen name The Henchman is a bitch.

Henchman, what do you suggest? Kitten cuddling and counseling? You are on the wrong site if you intend to bash cops. I have nothing but respect for our law. It's crap like what you believe that creates the problems.

Dude handled business.

Just like Chris Rock said. There's black people (the security guard) and there's ni@#$@#$

Greg Sans! Hey did you notice that the person who saved the day was also a Black Man? See how your racist bull shit doesn’t work here? Yes some black men go to college, some become officers, lawyers Drs but the problem is they all get treated like criminals! Racially profiled like bastards like you! Get a clue moron!

Great response but he took his sidearm and just laid it on the counter lol he didn't hit them with lethal shots anyone could have grabbed the firearm other than that great work

Yancy1695 , That was the robbers fake gun he picked up and laid on the counter. He kept his own.