VIDEO: Yale Police Slammed After Call To Sleeping Black Girl, Now Truth Is Out

Yale released the truth about the viral encounter.

New Haven, CT - The Yale University police officers who responded to a dormitory for a call about a black graduate student napping in a common room actually admonished the student who had called the police, according to university administrators on Thursday.

This counters the claims of racial harassment that sprung up after video of the encounter went viral (video below.)

Yale University Vice President for Student Life Kimberly Goff-Crews said the officers told the woman who had called police to complain about the napping student that the woman had every right to be there, the Star Tribune reported.

The officers who responded to the student’s emergency call on Monday night became the recipients of intense criticism after 34-year-old Lolade Siyonbola sparked outrage by posting two videos on social media that showed officers interviewing her as she claimed that she’d been racially profiled, ABC News reported.

The incident began when a woman turned on the lights in her dormitory’s common room and found Siyonbola asleep on the couch on May 7. Then she called the university police and said the woman didn't belong there.

When the police arrived, Siyonbola began streaming her interaction with them on Facebook Live.

Siyonbola, a graduate student in African American Studies, told police she had fallen asleep while she was writing a paper, and had been awakened by the woman she described as having mental problems, the video showed.

She told them the same woman had called police on another classmate recently when she’d found him in a stairwell.

The video showed police asking Siyonbola for her ID, and the woman argued with them about whether she had to give it to them.

"I deserve to be here. I pay tuition like everybody else," Siyonbola told officers in the video as she drew out the encounter for 15 minutes. "I'm not going to justify my existence here.”

When she finally gave them her ID, it came up as expired when the dispatcher checked it because she didn't use her real name on her ID.

Apparently, students can put whatever name they prefer on their actual IDs but then it doesn’t match what’s in the system when officers try to run it, Yale University told ABC News in a statement.

The woman remained uncooperative throughout her entire interaction with the officers, even after they had repeatedly explained to her that they were just making sure that she was actually a student at the university.

She told them she was trying to decide whether she wanted to show them her identification.

"I really don't know if there's a justification for you actually being in the building," she told the officers.

"We're in a Yale building and we need to make sure that you belong here," an officer told her.

In the video, Siyonbola complained about how long the officers were taking to confirm her identity, and an officer pointed out that she wasn’t being very helpful.

“You wouldn’t be either if you were woken up and you were harassed,” she told the officer.

The officer, who identified himself as a supervisor on the video, tried to explain that Siyonbola had told them that she and the woman hadn’t had any kind of actual verbal altercation; therefore, no actual harassment had occurred.

In the video, Siyonbola repeatedly told officers that the woman who had called the police on her had a track record of similar behavior and serious mental problems.

The supervising officer assured the angry graduate student that he would make the dean aware of the situation.

Lynn Cooley, the dean of Yale's graduate school of arts and sciences, sent an email to students on Tuesday that said the school needed to work on becoming a “truly inclusive place.”

In her email, the dean wrote that she was "committed to redoubling our efforts to build a supportive community in which all graduate students are empowered in their intellectual pursuits and professional goals within a welcoming environment."

Yale University told ABC News that they were reviewing the telephone call to campus police and the officers’ response.

Police "are trained on unconscious bias, de-escalation techniques, and problem solving, and seek to treat each individual with respect," the university’s statement read.

Watch the Yale police check Siyonbola’s ID in the video below:

The idiot that called police should get a ticket for making false reports and trying to start trouble.


Another surprise, most black folk don't have a victim complex, even those in the most dire straits. The ones you hear about are most likely propped up by white ultra-liberals, behind the scenes (The Root, for example).

Also, your comment made me take a step back. Keep talking to the regular black folk you do talk to. It is definitely appreciated.


While @ShelbyCole definitely seems like someone I'd hang out and talk with, i assure you we don't know each other. It really just sounds like you're upset that we talk to you the way we do. Man up, Flounder.

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Good lord, well when I went to college we had to get a new ID every freaking semester. And for her to act ignorant on the subject does not help her case that she is a knowledgeable student when she has her name misspelled on her ID and yes they have the right to see if she belongs there..there are tons of people that crash common areas to sleep that don't belong there..and if she was so het up about a term paper why was she not in her room or the library doing research for it? Was she afraid she might miss out on a party invite? since she was already 2 days late...that crap didn't fly at my university ..you got a big fat zero.

Okay Chubb. Just finished my Earl Grey and Rich Tea biscuits so I'm ready to listen to more of your enlightened teachings. Even when you seem to be praising the cops you have a slight dig at them. Great skill you have.


To Hi_estComnDenomn: Why this site continues to see your absurd, racist comments is beyond me. What a sad little man you are to be so hateful towards everyone. What an awful existence you lead if everything that comes out of your mouth is always so negative.


So, with all the school shootings going on, you don't want the police to do their job when someone is there, but their names not in the schools system?



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I really don't understand these brats. Just show your ID and the cops will be on their way. What's so hard about that? It's like a 3 year old pouting and fighting, "No, I want my way!"


that girl needs an attitude adjustment! she could have handed over her ID at the beginning and would not have had to stand there for 15 minutes telling the cops they shouldn't be there. but, she wouldn't get attention by doing that and wouldn't get the chance to drop the race card if she had complied in the first place. It seems to me that some people are going out of their way to argue with police, or worse, yet attack them just so they can throw out the "race" issue and gain their 15 minutes of fame. I saw nothing racist in the way the officers handled this call. They all acted in a professional manner and were polite. Can't say the same for the girl. And this is higher education in this country? University officials should be ashamed that their students act like this. As for the girl and the one who called police in the first place, they should both get tickets and be suspended from school!


Sounds more like she’s majoring in “How to be a Racist A-hole” than “African Studies”. Oh wait, they’re one and the same!


The only "victims" here are the police. They were used by the controling little twit who called them, and condemned by the selfish student who tried to make their job as difficult as possible so she could promote herself as a poor victim.


It's SOP to get ID with every involved person on every call. There are numerous reasons for this: liability, info for future calls (frequent fliers or people who target others using 911), stumbling upon someone at a call with a felony warrant etc... Cops aren't going to stop asking people, of any color, for ID simply because they get mad about it.


How stupid is this that ANY university or organization lets people put whatever name they want on IDs?!? I go by my middle name. If, and it is a big IF, they allowed people to put an initial and then the name they go by, that would be one thing. But, putting something other than a name is just anarchy and asking for trouble.


She's on private property(PERIOD). She has no writes to be there "if" she can't PROVE she's a student then she's TRESPASSING (an arrestable offense) She should be glad that the police go the extra yard to make sure everyone on campus BELONG on campus!


An irrational person who may or may not have known the alleged trespasser had a right to be there begets the alleged trespasser irrationally getting all huffy with the police for doing their job. It looks to me like the cops were the only rational people involved in this "tempest in a teapot".