VIDEO: Woman Smacks Officer In Face - Then He Responds With A Strike Of His Own

Miami-Dade Officers under scrutiny after woman hit an officer who was removing her from the Hard Rock Stadium.

Miami Gardens, FL – A belligerent female football fan smacked an officer in the face as she was being removed from Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday night (video below.)

The officer instantly responded with a hit of his own, which appeared to have knocked the woman out cold.

A video of the altercation showed four officers lifting the football fan from a crowd.

The woman swung at one of the officers and missed, but succeeded on her second attempt.

The officer, who was holding the woman’s leg with his left hand, responded with a strike of his own.

The officers continued to carry the woman from the stadium as she slumped down.

A Miami-Dade police spokesman told the Miami Herald that they are investigating the incident, the Palm Beach Post said.

You can see the video of the incident below:

Whadaya say to a drunk white shorty with 2 black eyes? Nothing...you've already told her twice! 🤣

The officer didn’t do anything wrong in this situation and the investigation should be closed with no action required immediately.

Good for him, he'd better not get in trouble..... She asked for it, don't ask for it and you won't get it !!!

It's amazing to me that after seeing this video anyone has to investigate anything !. She clearly struck him first, and he reacted but he didn't over react he didn't ball up his fist and punch her. He gave exactly what he got !. If she doesn't want to get hit ? She should keep her hands to herself !. If he gets punished ? She should be punished twice as much!!.

She got what she deserved. So sick and tired of people thinking its ok to assault police and theyr'e just suposed to take it.
Enough with PC!! What ever happens to them when they fight back they deserve. Wouldnt have it if just acted like a human being.

Got what she deserves, as said previously..respect the police and don't put yourselves in a man's place.

What is there to investigate??

That is definitely battery, and public intoxication. Did she hit the cop hard enough to hurt him, with a backhand? probably not. Does the Cop have the responsibility to protect himself from the next attack? Absolutely. Good job, Officer.

  1. She is being taken into custody. Handcuffs / Zipties are supposed to be used for the safety of the suspect as well as the officers. Because of this mistake she was able to do what she did 2. Compounding the first mistake, the officer used more force then necessary in response to a drunken, ineffective slap. There are four officers on the scene here any of which could have easily and properly, and safely subdued this drunken woman without knocking her out. 3. Carrying the suspect on their shoulders up a set of concrete stairs isnt safe for anyone for obvious reasons. All that said, she is going to face charges for what she did but this might be one of the worst arrests ever recorded.

It's apparent some have never pinned on a badge, been in a situation like this. Crowded asiles, concrete steps is not the safest place to get cuffs on a belligerent & fighting suspect. An officer is allowed by law/protocol to use that force necessary to secure the arrest to protect themselves, others and even the perp. Kudos to the officer. Once Blue, Always Blue


What did she do? If rude, spilling beer, crude mouth, as another customer I would have had her decked asap

She was obviously drunk. She got what she deserved.


I think she hit him in the eye and it was a natural reflex to retaliate when someone smacks you in the eye. Her fault. Unless she was a passed out diabetic, she is to blame for resisting arrest.


She was "drunk and obnoxious" and clearly an idiot. Happy he smacked her back as she stopped !!


What would be the media reaction if it was a white cop striking a black female instead?


@Polonius, it would be national news and live in infamy, held up as proof of police brutality towards minorities, and black people in particular. That's what would've honestly happened if this were an incident with a white cop striking a black female, as you brought up. That's what would've honestly happened. As it is, none of that will happen because those who seek to divide due to race don't have any interest in this, since it's the other way around. I don't think there would be so many positive responses either, truthfully. People have tired of being called racists all the time, especially if they're not. In my opinion, she got what she deserved. But opinions are a dime a dozen and everyone has one.


Don't hit a cop! Plain and simple. Stupid drunk bitch

You hit a cop you better get smacked. What is wrong with people!

Can you imagine the outcry if the officer was white and the woman black? There would be rioting in the streets in the black community. No way the woman should have been hit so hard in the face. It was obvious she was drunk and it appeared to look very amateurish the way she was restrained.

Officers are supposed to keep their composure in a fray of different situations. This was not at all a good arrest unless you're Paul blart. The use of that much force was definitely not needed. If they would have done their job correctly in the first place they probably could have prevented that.