VIDEO: This Is How People Live After Shooting At Police - Gunfight Video

Fugitive from Alabama captured in Michigan after gunfight with troopers, Landon Harbin in custody for murdering his mother

Meridianville, AL - A fugitive wanted out of Alabama in the death of his mother, is now facing new charges from the Michigan State Police after a gunfight that occurred last week at the time he was taken into custody (video below.)

Landon Harbin's new charges are two counts of attempted murder and one count of driving a stolen vehicle, according to WHNT.

On Friday afternoon in late September, Harbin, age 23, was stopped for driving a stolen vehicle when Michigan State Troopers spotted him driving down I-94 East near the small town of Lawrence Township, just outside Kalamazoo, Michigan.

He was stopped for driving a stolen vehicle, immediately jumped out, and opened fire on troopers, who returned fire.

No one was hit during the gunfight, and Harbin surrendered after running out of bullets.

Officers did not find out that Harbin was a fugitive until they ran his name in a national database.

On a Wednesday in late September, Madison County sheriff's deputies found Harbin's mother Jana, age 54, shot to death in her Meridianville home, after they responded for a welfare check.

The Thursday after his mother's body was found, the Madison County Sheriff's Department asked for the public's assistance in locating Harbin, who they described as "armed and dangerous".

Harbin remains in custody under bond of $5 million and has a court hearing next week.

He has a previous criminal history including pending charges of robbery in the third degree from 2015, and possession of drug paraphernalia from February 2017.

You can see the video of the gunfight below.

JonasBlaneII Still looking for attention I see.

To be frank and not to be taken out of context if looking at what justifies deadly force and the statistics on police shootings black criminals are technically under represented in being shot by police. Great restraint is held by officers even if they are justified as can be seen here and numerous other cases

@JonasBlaneII ...and most killers of black people are (gasp!) black.

@JonasBlaneII 1. I've never met a cop who said that Charles Kinsey or Terrence Crutcher should have been shot. Blue Lives Matter has even specifically said as much. 2. You appear to be under the impression that the "war on cops" has something to do with black men attacking police. In fact, the war on police is largely an information war, where false narratives about law enforcement fuel a negative attitude about police, which does result in violence against police, and has resulted in the the murders of police officers. While the actual Black Lives rhetoric-linked assassinations of police officers were committed by black males, it's a war with no racial boundaries as it's pushed by people of all races. It makes sense that black males are the killers in these attacks, because they're the ones that are falsely labeled as being targeted by police. And if you want to get into stats, you should look into the 2016 FBI stats which were just released.

@JonasBlaneII ...stop spreading for agenda and take your goggles off and see this for what it was. Poor shooting on both ends.