VIDEO: Students Protest Guns By Tearing Down Flag, Jumping On Cop Car

Students at Antioch High School protested gun violence on Wednesday by tearing down a flag, and jumping on a police car.

Correction: This story originally contained additional video from a separate and unrelated Antioch High School as well - that video was removed. The main video of the flag incident remains.

Antioch, TN – Students from Antioch High School took advantage of the National Walkout Day and used it as an opportunity to tear down the American flag and jump on a police car (video below).

As thousands of students across the country silently walked out of classrooms to peacefully protest gun violence for 17 minutes in memory of those killed in the Parkland school shooting in February, hundreds of high school students in Antioch chose to riot and wreak havoc on their school.

Students captured disturbing video footage of their classmates accosting the flag pole, and pulling down the stars and stripes, while others cheered them on, and posted it to social media.

Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) officials told WTVF that some students jumped on a police car during the chaos.

Police said they were working to identify the students involved in those incidents, but no arrests have been made no citations issued thus far.

“Unfortunately, some students on our Antioch campus today chose to protest in ways that significantly disrupted school operations and threatened the safety and order for other students and staff within our school,” Metro Nashville Public Schools' Public Information Officer Michelle Michaud said in a statement.

“Swift action was taken by school security and MNPD to address the situation. No students or staff members were injured during the walkout,” Michaud said.

She said that “inappropriate behaviors” contrary to the student code of conduct would be handled “immediately and firmly” by the administration and the police.

Watch Antioch High School students tear the American Flag off a flagpole in the video below:

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the main instigators of violent protest weren't even students, but paid agitators. If they were, in fact, students, they would be the same students who would bully and harass those marginalized and at risk kids, that lead to these school shootings. I truly hope that all of these perps are identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Anyone notice the ethnic makeup of this group? Seems they are so much better at destroying things than building things...like their life and future.


This is not protesting, it is vandalism, pure and simple. Future criminals of America club obviously


I will for sure get hated-on for even posting this BUT it is supposedly a free country, with a 1st amendment, so here goes: when I was a kid, growing up &reading the Bible, I would come now & then to the story about how Ham behaved towards his father Noah after the great flood, and how Noah cursed Ham's descendants. Later there's the part describing where the 3 brothers migrated towards... Ham's family trended to Africa. We don't have descriptions of the WIVES of Noah's 3 sons, and geneticists have said it is possible that all the variations in skin color etc came from one original human couple...so it is possible their wives were different appearances & temperaments. With input from Jewish folklore (talmud???) and history (archeology. Canaan was a center of porn), makes me think gee, maybe Noah's curse IS still in effect. Maybe Ham's descendants really do need to set Jesus as their god, to be free of that curse...betcha none of those perps even GO to church, and you'd never find them singing in the choir. just mulling on things. Thanks for indulging me. I miss the days when all colored people were hard-working, clean, self-disciplined, church-going role models. We looked up to them, we admired them. Getting hard to find folks like that to admire. :-(


Yea it's a gun problem what animals