VIDEO: Student Assaults Texas Teacher, Makes Him Give Back Cell Phone

Video showed the assault on the teacher by an angry student.

Cedar Hill, TX – A video recorded in a Texas classroom shows a student assaulting a teacher and violently throwing papers and because the teacher took the student’s cell phone away (video below.)

The teacher’s response was to give the cell phone back to the student and not to react to the attack, according to WFAA-TV.

Cedar Hill High School physics teacher Bobby Soehnge is being celebrated for not escalating the situation.

Chris Hunt, a parent of a student at the school district, posted the video of Soehnge being attacked on Facebook on May 8. It has received 1.2 million views and was shared 14,879 times as of May 12.

“Wow this happened at my daughters school today?? This is sad,” Hunt’s Facebook post read. “Father’s We Gotta Raise These Young Men Better, But I commend the teacher because he handled it & he’s a better man than me!!”

Hunt and his daughter showed support for the teacher. They brought several gift bags with T-shirts and a gift card for Soehnge.

"It broke my heart a little bit, to be honest," Hunt told WFAA. "I just want to let him know I appreciate him for how he handled that.”

Soehnge said that his priority was not making the student’s tantrum any worse.

"The important thing was to not add any energy into the dynamic that would make the situation more complicated," Soehnge said, according to WFAA.

The student was disciplined for his conduct but the high school principal said the story has a good ending.

Principal Michael McDonald said the teacher and the student met after class and talked and hugged. The student and his mother then apologized for the incident, according to the school district.

You can see the video of the incident below:

Did the cop get disciplined though? Or is he above the law considering choking?

If you're going to compare, follow through the whole scenario.

News sources have already proved it. His name isn't released in any other article because he's a minor.

How do you not know this? You were supposedly a cop.


This Young man has a bright future that will consist of 3 hots and a cot. Kudos to the teacher for not retaliating, for he will collects a pension while this “person” will be a guest of the state in no time.


Landscape people! Friends don't let friends film video in portrait mode!

Teachers need a raise to work with kids like that.

Teachers need a raise to work with kids like that.

Can't imagine teaching at a school with thugs like that. I'd move.

Can't imagine working at a school like that. I'd move.

@Hi_estComnDenomn I love it when you post stuff that is factually incorrect. It gives me the opportunity to show what an asshat you really are. In regards to the officer "choking" someone. He was defending himself from a person who was refusing to submit to a lawful arrest. The officer's hands went up to protect himself from a violent suspect. Got it? Okay, good. In the situation described in this article the man/child was attacking the teacher. It was an unprovoked attack and in the words you used previously , an "attempted murder "of the teacher.

Highest_Retard again you are wrong. His name or age hasn't been released for 2 reasons. First, he wasn't charged with a crime. Second, it is the school's policy not to release student information regardless of age.


This punk should have been turned over to the school resource officer and charged with battery. This punk obviously has no respect for his teacher and doesn't think the school rules apply to him. It is good that he and the teacher worked things out, but it doesn't excuse this punks criminal behavior. This what happened with the Parkland school shooter. His criminal behavior was overlooked too, and we all know what happened.

No consequences means no change in attitude or actions. School and teacher, or others, will learn to regret it. This thug has a future in a penal institution - not a school classroom.


Not sure why HCD thinks this is a non-story. Is he biased in some way?

Just seems pretty obvious that this kind of behavior, especially in light of the weak and basically consequence free response, is a big deal. Giving someone a break can be a good thing but the behavior in this video merits some real consequences (hug optional).

It's a nonstory because the net result is balanced.

The teacher didn't report this to media, the family that gifted him did. The teacher was the one who was assaulted, and instead of putting this kid in the system, he decided to talk to him like a man. He sounds like a great guy and wants his students to succeed, like any teacher should.

If anything this story should be praising the teacher more than denigrating the student. But like i said first, I'll let you figure out why the story was written like it was.

But I thought you said in another post a while back that blacks look younger, better skin etc than whites, and even put up a couple comparison pictures for proof?

But I thought you said in another post a while back that blacks look younger, better skin etc than whites, and even put up a couple comparison pictures for proof?

I'd still press charges on the punk .Only reason he apologize

Usually when you don't beat someone's ass or ensure some type of severe punishment is rendered after an assault like that it empowers them to do it more often, as well as incite other thugs to do the same, (almost like the broken window theory in law enforcement) as their were no consequences to this boy, most likely no dad keeping him in line at home, and mom's overwhelmed with the other 9 kids with no dads. In the street thug world, you just got made a bitch in front of everyone and now he has 0 respect for you. Hug it out? OK keep your fingers crossed on that one, and hope this kid has a change of heart and doesn't follow the norm.

The kid got away with it with a hoot and a holler afterwards because the teacher gave him back the phone. He should be suspended, period. His proud parents need to get him some help. What's with wearing a skull cap in school? He will now graduate to further, more forceful violence if he's not required to be accountable.