VIDEO: Police Hunting Teen After Video Of Kitten Throwing Goes Viral

A graphic video of the incident was posted to Snapchat, and sparked immediate outrage from people everywhere.

Ontario, CA - An animal cruelty investigation was begun after a Snapchat video of a teenager throwing a kitten into a street went viral (video below.)

Footage of the incident was posted to Twitter on Saturday, and shows the kitten being launched by the teenager into the air and hitting the street. The kitten can then be heard meowing in distress, according to Buzzfeed.

The video sparked immediate outrage from people within the city and throughout the country.

In a press release, the Ontario Police Department said that information had been received on Saturday, Dec. 2, "regarding the abuse of a kitten by a young man."

Police have identified a 16-year-old suspect, but said that he has not yet been located and arrested. His name was not released by police due to his age.

The kitten, described as "small" by police, suffered a fractured leg but is expected to recover. Police said "The kitten survived the incident but did suffer an injured leg. The Inland Valley Humane Society is assisting with the investigating and care of the injured animal."

Ontario police officers went door to door in the neighborhood where they believe the incident occurred after receiving numerous calls about it.

The owner of the kitten, whose name is Spots, was located, but was unable to watch the graphic video, which lasts about 10 seconds.

The owner, Perla, told KNBC "I just want him to know he hurt a victim that can't defend itself." Spots was once a stray before being found a few months ago.

The animal cruelty was originally reported to the Fontana Police Department, which thanked "social media users" for alerting them to the incident, which did not occur in their jurisdiction.

In a tweet from Saturday, the FPD said "We are aware of a video that depicts the abuse of a cat. We thank everyone for contacting our department with the video. It has been determined that the incident took place outside our city and we are working with the appropriate jurisdiction to find the cat and the suspect."

Anyone with information was urged to come forward and contact the Ontario Police Department at (909) 395-2001.

You can see the video of the incident below. WARNING: Extremely Disturbing.

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