VIDEO: Oxygen Thief Gets Taken Out Just Feet From Officers

Police fatally shot Christopher Gatewood while he was armed with a knife in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV – A man armed with a butcher knife was fatally shot by police on Mar. 29, after he refused to drop his weapon, and came at officers, according to the sheriff (video below).

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) was called for a report of a domestic disturbance at an apartment complex at 11:43 a.m., Assistant Sheriff Charles Hank said during a press conference on Monday.

The female caller said she had been “battered” by 39-year-old Christopher Gatewood, who was in possession of a large kitchen knife, Sheriff Hank said.

The LVMPD dispatched its Crisis Intervention Team officers, as per policy, due to a history of previous calls at Gatewood’s residence.

The officers made contact with the female victim outside the home. She told them that Gatewood had assaulted her, and that he was still inside the apartment, armed with the knife.

He was also “possibly suicidal,” she said, according to Sheriff Hank.

The woman told police that Gatewood made a dark promise before she called for help.

“If you call the cops, I’m going to hurt them, or make them shoot me,” he told the victim, according to the sheriff.

Using their duty weapons and a Taser for coverage, the officers knocked on Gatewood’s door, and announced their presence.

Gatewood eventually cracked the door open slightly, and began yelling at police.

“Let us see your hands!” the officers said in the video.

“You wanna see my hands?” Gatewood seemed to taunt from behind the door.

Suddenly, he appeared in the small opening of the door, and flashed the nearly eight-inch blade at police.

“What’s in my hand?” he yelled.

“Don’t you do it!” an officer commanded. “Drop the knife!”

“We don’t want to do this, man,” an officer cautioned as Gatewood began opening the apartment door wider. “Drop the knife!”

“What are you gonna do?” Gatewood asked, while he quickly swapped the blade into his right hand, dropped a piece of paper to the ground, and stepped outside.

“What are you gonna do?” he screamed, as he aggressively came at the officers.

LVMPD Officer Rafael Camacho, 28, and Officer Kenshin Rose, 28, opened fire, striking Gatewood in his upper body, Sheriff Hank said.

The officer who was providing Taser coverage simultaneously deployed the device, the video showed.

Emergency medical personnel pronounced Gatewood dead at the scene, the sheriff said.

During investigation of the incident, detectives discovered evidence of methamphetamine use in the apartment, he added. Gatewood also had an apparent self-inflicted cut to his right wrist.

Officer Camacho, 28, a four-year veteran of the department, fired eight rounds. Officer Rose, who had been with the LVMPD for eight months, fired four rounds, Sheriff Hank said.

Both officers were assigned to the Tourist Safety Division. Officer Rose was in the process of completing his field training under the guidance of Officer Camacho, the sheriff said.

Both have been placed on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the officer-involved shooting investigation, as is protocol.

Sheriff Hank said that Gatewood had two prior domestic violence convictions. His criminal history included sale of controlled substance, and traffic warrants.

He would have been charged with battery/domestic violence, and four counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a protected person, had he survived, the sheriff added.

You can see the video of the incident below:

Can you read? The article clearly states "During investigation of the incident, detectives discovered evidence of methamphetamine use in the apartment." Pretty good indication, along with his behavior.

HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TASED AS SOON AS HE WALKED OUT OF THE DOOR....we are too quick to shoot to kill here in the united stated...technically they may not have done anything wrong but the sure didnt try to save him...they have guns he has a knife....in many other countries the use of lethal force is a last resort..

first of all you never second guess a weapon. if you see someone coming at you with a knife, your first and only assumption needs to be that someone intends to do you serious harm or kill you. he was not far away from those officers - if he'd charged and they hadn't fired on him, there would likely be an injured or dead officer. secondly, tasers aren't as effective on people who are high on certain drugs. the most notorious of these are meth and pcp. the person's so high they don't feel the pain and the surging adrenaline from the dope will have them right back on their feet once the stun current stops.

do not act like this guy is some kind of victim. he made his choices. he lived a life of crystal meth and beating women and died a scumbag's death. i feel bad for his family, if he has any left, but him? nope.

The UK is doing a wonderful job with knives lately, aren't they? They now think banning people from having knives will stop all the murders in London. The officers in this case had no other option but to shoot. Of course, those who have never been put into this type of situation can type a response from the safety of their homes.


What ever happened to tasers? He could have easily been taken down without killing him. Instances like this are why police get a bad rap. Many times less-than-lethal force could have worked, but was never even tried.

The officers were so close to him that if the Taser didn't work (and they often don't) someone would have likely been cut or killed. In order to deploy the Taser you have to be pretty close to the person you intend to use it against. It would be a disaster if it didn't work. I have to ask, if you knew the Taser wasn't 100% effective, would you use it as someone came after you with a knife?

Notice how much room there was to move around in your video. In LV, the police are on a narrow walk way. Had the guy charged, there was no room to dodge and it was too crowded to get away from the knife. Do you have a video taken in a narrow hallway? I'd like to see how it works out.

You come to this conclusion from your years as a LEO having vast knowledge of case law, correct? Oh no you are just repeating well worn progressive talking points. Case law across the US says that the officers were well within their rights and acted properly. Sorry you disagree, our priorities as LEOs; are to serve and protect and get home to our families with no extra orifices.