VIDEO: Off-Duty Female Officer Smokes Robber In Front Of School - What We Know

An off-duty military police officer shot an armed robber Saturday in a viral video.

Sao Paulo, Brazil - An off-duty military police officer fatally shot an armed robber in front of a school Saturday morning in a now-viral video (video below.)

According to UOL, Katia de Silva Sastre, 42, was with her seven-year-old daughter in front of a private school, waiting with other children and mothers for the gate to open.

As they were waiting, they were approached by Elivelton Neve Moreira, 21, who told them that they were being robbed.

That's when the armed officer drew her gun and shot the robber in the chest and leg.

She then disarmed him and held him down until officers arrived on scene.

Neve Moreira did not survive his injuries.

Authorities said that he fired one shot during the gunfight, which didn't hit anybody. After his first shot, his weapon jammed.

“The first shot ricocheted and got lost. On his second attempt at firing, the weapon locked. Thankfully she was faster than he was, because when the thug discovers that it's a cop, he shoots to kill,” the police lieutenant said, according to a Google translation of UOL.

Video of the shooting was posted online and has been viewed over 30 million times.

Gun control proponents have messaged Blue Lives Matter to inform us that this incident does not demonstrate the effectiveness of concealed carry, because the would-be victim was a law enforcement officer. When asked to explain their reasoning, they declined.

You can see the video of the gunfight below. WARNING - Graphic Content:

Awesome job
Good girl with a gun saves the day.
Stop demonizing legal gun owners sen. Diane Feisten


andrew cuomo, chucky schumer. Legal gun owners are not the problem. Shitbags with guns are. And 911 would not of gotten there in time. Legal gun owners are the first to take action.


Fantastic job!


It diden't take long to realize that was a well trained officer and not a civilian who just shoots on weekends.
I've known too many officer's that can't respond that well.


My hero!!! Nice!!!


Thug figured noting but mommas and kiddos, easy mark…………and up jumped Wonder Woman and nailed his sorry ass. Great reaction Officer Sastre


AWESOME. Knew she knew what she was doing before I found out days later who ,where it was!!! Great job!!


That's the way it's done!


The main trouble in Brazil is the epic crime rate, with a murder rate four times that of the United States .


Out fricking standing


Fantastic work, officer-mom! Gun control advocates who can't/won't articulate why this doesn't "count" are dangerous morons.


Sure they don't like this, goes against their platform of fooling the masses. To us normal people it shows that being prepared and well trained works! What would have happened it she had not been there? that simple!


They declined? Let me answer for them. He get a shot off and only didn't get more due the gun locking? THAT IS REASON AGAINST GUNS. Her stupidity almost killed people. I wish this page would be back to being about support the police and not a political page about gun laws. MANY of us support the police but support stricter gun laws. Your fans are being split and leaving.

@Jayded1 her stupidity? Who’s to say this guy wouldn’t have just started shooting people just for the hell of it? Nce armchair quarterbacking...idiot.


What motivated the robbery?

Their reasoning is "Because we said so."

If you are one of those fans then good riddance!

Could you imagine the uproar if this happen in AMERICA . The liberals would be going after the women saying schools are "GUN FREE ZONES
" and have pity for the DEAD ARM ROBBER

Almost perfectly done. Good mom, Ma'am..

That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. 😍😍