Video: Man Dressed As 'Frozen' Princess Elsa Rescues Police Wagon

Despite a blizzard, a 37-year-old man dressed as Frozen's Elsa saved the police vehicle.

Boston, MA – A man dressed as Disney princess Elsa from the movie “Frozen” helped push a Boston PD wagon after it got stuck in the snow in a blizzard Wednesday.

The man was dressed in a blond wig and flowing blue dress while he directed police on how to get the police wagon moving. He then helped push it during the struggle to get it out of the snow. (Video below)

At times, the man could be seen pushing away his flowing blue dress as he pushed the police wagon.

And when the man got the police wagon back moving on the road, he did a curtsey for the man filming the incident.

Inside Edition identified Elsa as a 37-year-old lawyer who thought it’d be funny to dress up like Disney princess during the blizzard.

In less than 24 hours, the video had been viewed 4.8 million times on Facebook and shared by 115,000 people.

“Only in Boston would Elsa have a 5 o’clock shadow,” posted Jim Burnett on the comment section of the Facebook post.

Watch the video here:

Too funny! Made me shiver watching him in the snow dressed in so little.

What impact, at all, does Annie Oakley have on my life? I've done just fine not knowing who she is this far in my life.

Like a lot of other things. Skipping things like knowledge seems to be your forte.

Oh this made me laugh out loud. Love this Elsa guy. lmao!!

Truly news worthy. Thanks for the light hearted story....