VIDEO: Man Attacks Trooper, Bites His Ear Off

An enraged man bit off part of a state trooper's ear on Thursday.

​LaGrange, OH – A man attacked an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper, and bit off part of his ear on Jan. 11 (video below).

Early Thursday morning, a woman called the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office to report a man walking in the roadway. She told police she thought he was drunk, reported.

A state trooper found Cornelius L. Carey, Jr. just after 7 a.m. on Diagonal Road, and stopped to find out what he was doing.

The dashcam video showed that initially, as the trooper arrived on the scene, the 44-year-old Carey waved to him like he was greeting him.

But then when the trooper stopped his car, Carey walked out into the middle of the busy roadway.

The trooper yelled at him repeatedly to “get out of the road.”

Once Carey complied, the trooper asked him if he was okay, and Carey went off.

He screamed in the trooper’s face, as the trooper walked him to the front of his patrol vehicle, and kept asking why he’d been stopped.

“I’m trying to save you,” the trooper replied. “I’m worried about you.”

“I got legit problems,” Carey said, in the midst of his mostly-nonsensical rant.

In the video, the trooper asked Carey where his identification was, and Carey reached for the inside of his jacket. The trooper grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Would you get off me man?” Carey asked as he reached into his coat again.

The trooper grabbed his arm again, and Carey swung and hit the trooper in the head.

They scuffled and Carey broke away for a moment. Then with a renewed energy, an enraged Carey went after the trooper, attacking him the middle of the roadway.

At that point, the fight crossed out of the view of the dash cam.

Off camera, a nasty fight can be heard, with both men yelling.

Then bystanders stopped to help, and a woman started yelling at Carey to get off the trooper.

Police said several witnesses stopped and called police, according to

"The officer's all bloody on his face," the woman tearfully told the dispatcher. "Please send somebody."

The scuffle continued for three minutes before it sounded like the trooper gained control of the suspect.

Almost six minutes after the attack began, sirens can be heard in the video as the trooper’s backup arrived.

During the fight, Carey bit off part of the trooper’s ear. The side of his head appeared bloody in the video.

The trooper, who has not been identified, was taken to the hospital with serious, but not life threatening injuries.

WJW reported that he will need surgery.

Carey was charged with felonious assault and booked into the Lorain County jail.

You can see the condensed fight video below:

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@Hi_estComnDenomn for someone who claims to be educated, you sure make some stupid comments. I won't attempt to discuss this case with you any further because it has become obvious you are making idiotic comments looking for a reaction.


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Lol yeah, the trooper is a little high energy here. But he doesn’t at all seem like he’s at fault here.

I see in the comments some people tone policing the deaputy’s behaviour. Yelling at someone who is drunk to get out of the middle of the road seems like a reasonable thing to do. Cuts through the “howdy’s”and pleasantries, and gets them on safe ground.

Although, the argument of “why would he yell at a person who is not right in the head?” Well, a person not fit in mind isn’t exactly willing to be reasonable are they? Sometimes they’ll provoke confrontation for its own sake. In fact, that seems to me to be a consistent factor in reoccurring mental illness. Well, that and frequent displays of disdain for authority; which they will always rationalize as individualistic thinking.


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@Heezels I see your point, but cop cars have PA systems. He could have been both loud AND calm, within the safety of his own vehicle. It's unfortunate that he got injured, but he could have more easily not been injured.

Stupid games get you stupid prizes. like jail time and court dates

In hind sight, maybe the trooper should have waited for backup before engaging. Kept eyes on the physically larger, drunk perp, protect him from traffic if possible and wait for 1 or 2 additional LEOs to make the approach. Did the LEO thing for 40+ years, hopefully the department does a "tactical review" to help all personnel know they are better served "not going on an island alone". Always approach an objective with "over- whelming forces" to complete the objective. Having a verbally non-compliant perp reaching into his pocket for what? This could have escalated to a "at gun point" situation very easily. Going physical in a "one on one" also puts the trooper at risk of being disarmed. Lots of bad guys out there, and LEOs face perps in this situation routinely. The general public has no clue and we lack the community support we once had. If your going to make it through your career unscathed, best to use sound tactical procedures. Hopefully the perp gets some time to think about his bad decisions, however, I'am not inclined to believe he won"t repeat the situation in some form later on down the road.