VIDEO: Girl Tells Social Media She Was 'Sexually Assaulted' By Police So Chief Releases Bodycam

Burlington, VT - 18-year-old Logan Huysman took to social media after her arrest, claiming that Burlington police...

Jul 7, 2017

Burlington, VT - 18-year-old Logan Huysman took to social media after her arrest, claiming that Burlington police sexually assaulted her. She even showed off bruises on her arms as proof. In response, Chief Brandon del Pozo released the bodycam footage which showed an impaired Huysman acting disorderly, assaulting police officers, and more (video below.)

Not only that, but Chief Brandon del Pozo even responded directly to the girl's Facebook post, prompting a wave of outrage at the girl's behavior which resulted in her deleting the post.

The ACLU is not happy that the chief released facts about the case in order to counter lies spread by Logan Huysman, accusing him of using facts to "shut down conversations."

"There's a fine line between engaging the community, which is something we want our law enforcement officers to do, and doing what some might see as trying to shut down conversations," said Jay Diaz, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont, according to Katie Jickling with Seven Days. "Affirmatively posting on a citizen's Facebook page, especially in a sensitive situation, seems fairly inappropriate and would be understandably chilling."

This isn't the first time that the Chief del Pozo has responded to police-haters on social media and created controversy.

He has learned that people who post anti-police statements on a public forum, such as their open Facebook or Twitter pages, tend to become very uncomfortable when engaged directly.

When former city councilor Haik Bedrosian posted to social media that the department's new badge design "belongs on a robot soldier in a dystopian future police state," this chief respectfully responded in a private message.

"Writing it off ... is your prerogative and your opinion, but you should also take seriously the months of careful work a lot of people put into it," del Pozo wrote, according to Seven Days. "They were not robocops, but nearly all born Vermonters who have a deep affinity for the city and its police."

Bedrosian says that he was shocked by the intimidation in the message, and even after deleting the message and blocking the chief he said, "I remain intimidated by Brandon del Pozo to this day."

On June 22, the date of Logan Huysman's arrest, officers located a group of unconscious teens in a running car in a parking lot at Cumberland Farms on Pine Street.

Officers worked to rouse the teens who were passed out next to marijuana and alcohol. During the 90-minute ordeal, Huysman demanded that the officer pay her $80 for her marijuana bong, threatened suicide, performed cartwheels, destroyed paperwork, reached into her waistband and simulated producing a gun with her hand, pointing it at officers, screamed at officers, resisted arrest, and assaulted officers.

Logan Huysman was ultimately arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and simple assault on a law enforcement officer.

After her release, Huysman claimed on social media that police touched her inappropriately, and posted pictures of her bruised arms. "I would consider that sexual assault, especially coming from 'authority,'" she said.

She later claimed that the post was meant to be a "wake-up call" on police misconduct, indicated that she has still failed to take responsibility for the situation even though she now says that she regrets making the post.

Logan Huysman's father saw the footage and it siding with the police, saying, "She was resisting arrest, and she had to be forcefully put in the police car. The police showed more patience than I would have."

As for the chief, he says that he's done posting directly on people's social media pages, and future releases would come out on the department's pages.

Do you think you would have been as patient as these officers? We'd like to hear from you. Please watch the video below and then please let us know in the comments.

"...accusing him of using facts to "shut down conversations."<<< Heaven forbid anyone should use facts in their defense. She showed herself to be a fraud; the ACLU should be backing the chief, not this addle-headed twatwaffle.

What a wretched little ginger snap. At least her Dad didn't buy into any of her crap. They should have zapped or sprayed her. They were kinder than she deserved.

Jimmyd2 you need to apologize to this dad. What you said with no proof is totally disrespecting him. I am a father of three children. One child has raised 4 kids runs a small farm and works full-time. My third child is a a deputy sheriff, training academy driver instructor, physical trainer for academy resource officer and member of SWAT. Now my second child acts just like this child, is a bipolar, type one diabetic drug snd alcohol addict that is unwed that my wife and I have been raising his daughter since birth. So it might not be him. I didn’t raise my kids any different from one another and one didn’t do so well in the game of life. I still love him and always will but liking him is hard to do. He’s 29 and still acts like this girl!

Jay Diaz, She opened the conversation by lying about the police so SHE is the one that opened the permission for the police to provide facts and evidence in their defense. Your "logic" seems to leave the police department with no ability to offer information in their defense, which is morally repugnant, be it an individual or an organization. Bear in mind, a "conversation" is discussion of the latest fashion trend. Accusation of criminal wrongdoing is NOT conversation, it is challenge, and the police had the evidence to prove that this girl was lying.
If she wanted to avoid being called a liar, she should have never lied about her arrest. Actions have consequences, be they physical actions or accusations.

Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, Logan. Enjoy being a meth head!

What a job for that COP! That girl has some real problems & should get help & her parents likely as well! On the other hand, most of her BS revolved around this crap fed to her by the liberal side of the world! ie stating the cop can't arrest her, because she's a girl etc. Thank God for video! I hope any charges stick for her good!

Sadly, if this was a black teenage young man, I doubt these officers would have had the same restraint. But, don't get me wrong, this girl should have been pepper sprayed or tased or taken down hard to the ground and hogtied before being put in the car. Why the double standard?

I tire of the ACLU. First, the sanctimonious demand all police officers wear body cameras so we can catch all the evil they do. Further, the videos must be made public so all can see these horrible, abusive, racist people That didn’t pan out.

Now, how dare you release a body camera video showing the criminal is an outright liar. That’s just not fair to the criminal.

The ACLU has nothing to do with civil liberties.

I hope the department pushes for her to do the maximum amount of time that the accused could have faced . In addition to that she should pay for the slander . She should do the maximum amount of time for false police report and perjury as well as make sure the time is hard labor without the possibility of parole or probation or good behavior . When the women who cry rape start doing hard labor for the crimes never committed against them the BS will stop .

The problem with our society is that during a rape accusation is that the man is guilty until proven innocent. I see a few problems with this turn of events . Liberals say that only 2% of women lie about crimes . The problem is that studies conducted had shown that it may be as high as 8 to 10% . However the problem that lays there is that it is inconclusive on the grounds that they do not have all of the data required . There are dismissed cases as well as dropped cases whereas the records are not there anymore due to the fact that most of it ends up in the trash or gets lost in the system . I personally believe that these numbers may be much much higher . I am taking a guess as high as 20 to 30% . Yet the liberals will start saying the crap of " you can't go after those who cry rape because it would scare off real rape victims" . I say that is a load of bull ** !!! I belive that if a woman has the intent of filing a false charge that they should also be charged with 18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law. as well as attempt on ones life on the grounds that a person accused of rape usually get attacked or killed in prisons. Once that starts getting enforced the false allegations accusations would stop. It will only take 2 or 3 cases like that . BTW 18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law carry's a death sentence as well.