VIDEO: Female Clerks Win Insane Gunfight With Armed Robber

In all of my years in law enforcement, this is the most intense gunfight I've seen.

February 23, 2018

Tulsa, OK - Video captured the intense gunfight between a robber and a liquor store owner with her daughter (video below.)

The incident happened Thursday, just after 6 p.m., at the liquor store at near 12th and Memorial, according to KTUL.

Armed robber, Tyrone Lee, entered the liquor store with a shotgun and held the owner and her daughter at gunpoint. The robber then stepped away for a moment and the two ladies armed themselves.

When the robber returned, the owner opened fire on Lee and he fled. Lee initially appeared to be gone, and the owner's daughter called 911.

Then, out of nowhere, Lee smashed his way back through the door and the owner opened fire again.

There was a brief exchange between the two, then rather than leave, the robber attacked and went for the owner's gun.

Lee got the gun away from the owner and the owner's daughter pointed her pistol at Lee just as the man pointed his newly-acquired revolver back at her.

The owner's daughter fired, and appeared to hit the robber. Lee then chased her and appeared to be trying to shoot her.

The gun was possibly out of bullets and didn't fire.

The robber then collapsed in a bloody heap as the two ladies fled the store.

The owner suffered a gash to her head, which required staples, according to KTUL.

Tyrone Lee has been hospitalized in critical condition.

The two ladies declined media interviews but the owner's son told KTUL, that the guns saved their lives.

"We're not going to be victims," he told KTUL.

You can see the video of the gunfight below. WARNING - Graphic Content:

What were they using? rubber bullets? As many times as they shot him, he should not have been that active

He probably should have taken an inventory of the new holes in his body before he fought with the lady for an empty gun.

Dumbass just kept coming back for more.


Totally agree! For what they had though, they pretty much kicked ass. You go ladies!


It is not like the movies. People don't always die instantly.


whywhyWHY would she let him walk up to her after he ran towards the back of the store :| i wouldve just kept firing.


Tyrone better Leave Alone them Wimmens!


I adore equality.


If it makes you feel better as soon as he's well he'll try another robbery again, and hopefully the next victim will finish what the two ladies started.


Trump should invite these ladies to the White House and award them a medal for their bravery.


She should have shot him in the head when she had the chance!


You're not serious are you?! This is real life; the will to fight, adrenalin, drugs, etc. all affect a person's ability to function after being shot, especially with torso hits. The only guarantee is a well-placed medulla oblongata shot! These ladies definitely need to upgrade from their .38/.380's though...


Balls - love it! Sorry Tyrone - real women!


Good job ladies.


At that range she should have gone for his head, couldn't miss. These ladies need to put time in at the range with an instructor.
They have a very dangerous job!!

Good job ladies! Suggestion: Get yourself weapons with larger caliber and more ammo!


What motivated the robbery?


Pistol packin' mamas! Good job ladies! But get those pistols that fire shot gun shells. A couple of shots with those and the Tyrones will turn into a crowd.

because law? ...in some states, it is illegal to shoot someone who is (or appears to be) retreating (& thus is no longer a threat).
Studies have shown that the time it takes for the brain to observe a reduction in threat level, and to tell the hand to NOT fire after all, takes a few (darn soft memory) tenths or hundredths of a second longer than it takes for the brain to tell the hand to fire. And the time it takes a Bad Guy to turn around, is less. So yes, it is physically possible for a Bad Guy to be a threat, the victim feels threatened and aims a firearm, the Bad Guy turns swiftly, the victim can't cancel the "fire!" action, Bad Guy gets shot in the back, and victim gets sued by Bad Guy and all his tribe. Which is why people who lawfully carry, should consider getting insurance so they can afford to get a lawyer trained in helping juries understand this stuff.


These "Duty to Retreat" laws are ridiculous. How is one to know if the POS is retreating and no longer a threat, or is he retreating to find cover or to reload? In the heat of the moment, one cannot be expected to try to read the mind of a POS. "Stand Your Ground" laws are much more realistic and leave the citizen less exposed to pond scum attorneys and ghetto lottery participants.