VIDEO: Entitled VSU Basketball Player Pulls Race Card, Gets Arrested

A Virginia State University women's basketball player was charged with weapon and traffic offenses.

Isle of Wight County, VA – A Virginia State University basketball player and her girlfriend were arrested on Feb. 12, after the pair was pulled over for a speeding infraction, and became uncooperative and irate.

“I’m one of the biggest basketball f*****g point guards in Division I basketball right now!” Shonnice Vaughn, 25, screamed at officers at one point during the hour-long interaction, which was captured on bodycam video.

The deputy pulled the women over for traveling 68mph in a 55mph zone, but Vaughn, who was behind the wheel, denied that she was speeding, and refused to produce her driver’s license.

As the conversation continued, the deputy noticed a holster inside Vaughn’s vehicle.

“Where is the gun at?” he asked the women.

“We don’t have the gun,” Vaughn’s girlfriend, 25-year-old Natasha Bowman answered.

“Why is there a holster?” the deputy asked.

Vaughn then called her coach, James Hill, while Bowman tried to convince the deputy that she had actually been the one driving when the speeding infraction occurred.

“I don’t give a f**k. I don’t like racist cops! He a pig, and he nasty,” Bowman said as the situation began to escalate.

Police said that Vaughn could have been released on a summons, but because of her refusal to provide the officer with the information needed to do so, she was instead arrested, WVEC reported.

“I’m a basketball star, you can look me up,” Vaughn said in the video. “I’m going to school for criminal justice.”

Bowman repeatedly interrupted and called officers “pigs” as she was being read her rights.

With both women detained, police returned to the vehicle, where they noticed a loaded .40 caliber Smith & Wesson right where Bowman had been sitting in the back seat.

Investigators learned that the gun had been reported stolen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is Vaughn’s hometown, WVEC reported. Vaughn said that she was the one that had reported the theft of the weapon, and that she went to Wisconsin and took the gun back.

Vaughn was ultimately charged with speeding and no driver’s license, and Bowman was charged with disorderly conduct.

Both face a pending possession of a concealed weapon offense, WVEC reported.

Since their arrests, the women have accused all of the deputies on scene of being racists, and said that they fabricated events. Bowman and Vaughn also alleged that deputies stole $1,200 from their vehicle.

Virginia State University said that Vaughn is now “a former member of the VSU women’s basketball team,” WVEC reported.

You can watch portions of the deputy’s bodycam footage in the video below:

Criminal Justice? Hopefully all the law schools she applies to rejects her application.

Iim Soooooo sock and tired of this BLM CRAP!
All this fool had to do was hand over her license like an adult and take the ticket and she could have been on her way. But, most important..... if you are traveling through different states, you may want to check their gun laws.

Body cams need to stay right where they are. Accountability works both ways.


"Bowman and Vaughn also alleged that deputies stole $1,200 from their vehicle." - um, when did they do that? Did they see the officers split up the money among themselves, while sitting in the back of the patrol cars? I felt bad for the officers having to listen to their screeches all the way back to the station.


Obama has nothing to do with it. She was a pos well before him. Not an excuse to blame him for the idiots of the country.

“I’m a criminal justice major but I don’t like cops because they’re pigs.” Makes perfect sense.


I agree. Any law school that accepts her application needs to have their accreditation revoked.


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What they did wasn't the right thing to do, however, calling her a baboon and an ape is downright racist!

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Can you imagine dealing with someone like her if you were a restaurant employee or just another chance encounter in a park. Imagine the people that have to deal with her that have no power at all.

WOW, both were noncompliant, antagonist, verbally abusive and aggressive with the officer from the very second he got to the car........for NO REASON WHAT SO EVER! Once again, I have to ask, why? All they had to do was produce the documents the officer asked for, pretty easy! They wonder why they are treated this way, hmmm, when you act this way towards officers, they have no other choice but to put you in cuffs and take you to jail! What part don't you understand? They also lied about the hand gun, I believe that is a felony, so since there will be a felony charge on her record her career in criminal justice is over before it begins! Brilliant! All she had to do was hand over the documents, accept her ticket and be on her way! Not too smart for being in college! I do not understand why people act this way towards the police, and are then seemingly clueless as to why they are treated the way they are by officers, IT'S BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!!! To the chick sitting in the back seat, who was also driving, umm, really, you're the nasty one!

Clearly "Superstar" never read any of sections in her text books about what happens when you fail to cooperate by not producing your drivers license on request. She will have lots of time to read those books now. Not that it would have made any difference in her self-destructive behavior. Oh well one less dumbass on the states dime.

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I don't care who your are or what you think you are, you show respect when pulled over by an officer of the law.